New COD4 Content Could Arrive this Weekend

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has updated his IAMfourzerotwo blog with new information that suggests the new Call of Duty 4 content could be available by this coming weekend

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TimEdwards3913d ago

You make it sound like the DLC could come this weekend which is impossible. During an earlier post by the IW community relations team he mentions that he is having a DLC test session in house later on that day. There is no way this could go through certification and testing before the weekend. I'd give them another month on the DLC.

The content patch is for the new kill cams, bug fixes and hit detection problems.

r3xmund13913d ago

I am pretty sure the article mentions it already passed certification, (and got the'green light') from M$...

I dunno, maybe I misread it

gamesblow3913d ago

You know, I find it funny everyone wanted to roast Uncharted for its vehicle stage... yet, no one complained at all about COD4's. In fact, they said on G-4 they wished they had more of them.

Go figure...

Back on topic... I don't play COD4 much online. Warhawk and Resistance are too good to pass up the opportunity to play anything else. I've tried COD4 now several times and just, overall... it's not there with me. I don't feel as comfortable on it for some reason.

Great game, loved the SP and thought it was one of the better FPS I've ever played... I just wish it was more accessible online, I guess.

AngryHippo3913d ago

....COD4 online is ok when you first start but in my opinion its only when you put the time into it online that you really start enjoying it, with the new weapons, challenges etc, makes it really enjoyable.

Warhawk and Resistance online are games that you can instantly jump into and have a great time playing.

borgome3913d ago

This article is about COD4, who gives a crap about warhawk and resistance. Just look at the online numbers, they speak for themselves. Your probably not as comfortable with it because it acutally takes some skill to play it.

Antonio_Mex3913d ago

I hope we can get those patches for the PS3 as well, COD4 is so addictive!

AngryHippo3913d ago

.....sure they will. Infinity Ward are great developers who don't favor systems, both consoles will get everything (patches and maps) which is how it should be.

name3913d ago

Anyone else who badmouths cod4 dies.

sak5003913d ago

LOL. COD4 is the game which finally pryed me away from Battlefield 2142. Prestige 3 Lvl20 and still going strong. I wish i had started it earlier and not after completing the game on hardened which took me a couple of days cuz i had bought it during the week.

Can't wait for the map pack. I hope they give atleast some free as well if they are planning on charging for the pack.

Solid_Skip3913d ago

please dont tease me i hope it comes out soon and for the ps3 too. I got it for both ;)

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