Halo PC version hopes are dashed with Microsoft's resounding 'No'

Microsoft have confirmed that the recent rumours of a Halo PC port are just that: rumours. Halo won't be making a PC appearance anytime soon.

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miyamoto1900d ago

What! M$ does not even want to support Windows PC gaming?

cl19831900d ago

They said not going on steam.

1900d ago
RuleofOne343 1900d ago

They support Windows PC with software , Just not what everyone wants. besides making the console games available on PC defeats the console concept for them & why would the want to close a revenue stream for them.

N0S3LFESTEEM1900d ago

Microsoft can't find a way to charge a monthly fee on PC.

DeadlyFire1899d ago

Don't worry Valve will birth a Linux console box and at somepoint down the road when their OS evolves we will see Valve's version of Linux released that we can install and not even have to touch Windows to play a game. One day!!

If Valve released Half Life 3 for instance only on their Linux console/Linux OS version. I would buy that even if it ran on potato chips with minecraft like graphics. Valve effectively holds a majority of the PC gaming community. If they shift then we will see a steady shift following them.

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soultecc1900d ago

microsoft can go screw themselves

ninjahunter1900d ago

Lol, Microsoft want PC users to game... On a 360.

kostchtchie_1900d ago

ha ha, that is nothing new, they should just go back to making crap Software and putting garbage in it, and stay away from gaming

kagon011900d ago

Charge them for playing online, plus spamming with ads to be specific...

SKUD1900d ago

And nothing of value was lost...

Allsystemgamer1899d ago

Halo 3 is a fantastic game...I'd love to relive it in my pc

matrixman921900d ago

People complain that Microsoft dont keep their exlusives

*they keep an exclusive*

"F U M$"

I dont understand people

edgeofsins1900d ago

There are different kinds of people. They aren't one entity. Opinions vary.

kostchtchie_1900d ago

s shh, don't tell them that it may break the illusion of there world they live in

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The story is too old to be commented.