PlayStation 4 will run on nuclear power

The next generation of Sony consoles will run on miniature nuclear generators, according to reports. There has been speculation that an announcement was about to be announced to speculate on the existence of a teaser; but this was quickly shot down by Sony PR, who attributed the rumours to rumour-mongering and idle speculation before tossing a smoke bomb at the floor and running out the back exit.

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DaThreats2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Nuclear Power?
Strongest Ever Console confirmed

DarkBlood2058d ago

lol, anyways not so sure id want nuclear generators in my apartment, not a weapon of that caliber i want to be handling :P

Ezz20132057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

it's ok, atleast if you want to start a war you have Nuclear Power in your hand
no one will mess will ps4 owner now

Root2058d ago

Homer Simpson is over seeing the project 011/03/simpsons-radioactive.jpg

GoldPunch-TR2058d ago

This is real or joke article?

PFFT2058d ago

The article creator should stop drinking the bong water

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