Japan Is Ready For The PSP2

"The ongoing popularity of Sony's first handheld system stands as a testament to its success in Japan. The PSP has now grown up alongside a fresh generation of gamers, and the system has proven to Japan that someone other than Nintendo can make a great portable. This market is ripe, and I'm gonna come right out and predict that Sony uses its upcoming PlayStation event to unveil the future of handheld gaming with its second portable system: The PSP2." -The Most Interesting Gamer in the World

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alexcosborn2087d ago

I know, seriously. I am SO ready for another Sony handheld.

doctorstrange2087d ago

Now Feb 20th makes total sense!

profgerbik2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Really, you think they are releasing an entirely new PS Vita when it's only been out a year. With practically another 9 years left in it's cycle?

Where do you people come up with these wild accusations.

This crap is getting old, first people are assuming it's about the PS4 now people are assuming they are already releasing a new PS Vita, which in fact the PS Vita is the PSP 2.. which is even more stupid to think about..

I thought this article was just talking about how Japan is finally buying PS Vita's but then it turned into another huge assumption just pulled out of someones ass or magic 8 ball.

dlpg5852087d ago

are you sheldon? and can i have your autograph?
srsly though, the comments and the article are in jest. people aren't that stupid dude.

2087d ago
Kevin ButIer2087d ago

if true... here you have a PS Vita mad user...

darthv722086d ago

to be fair, the psp 2000 series came out roughly 2 years after the original 1000 series. With that they made some important improvements. Such as a better screen, doubled the internal RAM and changed the placement of the speakers to make it sound better. They also added TV out.

If sony were to revise the Vita, why is it so hard to believe that it would be a year after the initial release? They could do some similar improvements (especially TV out) while at the same time, reduce production costs like 'possibly' removing the 3G support.

Looking back at the adoption rate of the PSP 1000 vs the 2000 we can see the 2000 (and 3000) sold to a higher number than the original 1000. Sony making a Vita slim could lead to increased sales of the newer unit over that of the original.

IMO a big disappointment in the Vita was lack of direct UMD compatibility. But hey, sony had their reasons for dropping the format in favor of the Vita's.

Gamer19822086d ago

Indeed Vita is still in its infancy theres not way Sony can afford anew handheld right now since they made ZERO profit from Vita yet.

Ju2086d ago

I miss the big red "/s" in that article. Reading through that seems they are serious. Seriously? BTW: Did you know that Vita devkits are internally referred to as PSP2?

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morkendo232087d ago

your article is bad you should feel extremely bad

mi_titan272086d ago

an interesting thing to point out, this is not an image of a PSP2 (playstation portable 2), rather a PS2P (playstation 2 portable)

strifeblade2086d ago

maybe its a ps vita 2000 with a price cut to 199.99? kina like psp 2000????

007Bond2086d ago

Keep being ready handheld sales are trash nobody wants to develop for a dying market.

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insertcoin2087d ago

The Vita just needs a Monster Hunter to do well in Japan.

Jason1432087d ago

thanks now I dont have to say it for the umpteenth time. Sadly nintendo has exclusive titles so they are going to have to come up with monster hunter 5. Dont know how long exclusive lasts. We will have to see how long before minecraft hits sony to figure that one out.I bit the bullet and bought a 3dsxl for MH. I figure if sony did have a title it would be portable 3rdG or something and Im so sick of that game after playing it to death on ps3 import. The question is do I hold onto my vita now. We have phantasy star 2 which is free to download and play coming but its also on pc. Im not sure what to do. I would hate to sell it and regret it but all I have played since launch is freedom unite and dracula x psp on it.

bothebo2087d ago

I think there was an article on here stating that Nintendo will get MH exclusives until 2014. HOWEVER, we have Soul Sacrifice coming out! This game is supposed to be similar to MH but it is rumored to be even better since there is more depth to it. If I were you, I would not sell my Vita because we are only just starting to see quality games come out for it.

Protagonist2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

JP also needs new IP´s. My point is it does not have to be MH that does the job, Soul Sacrifice might be a big booster for the PS VITA in JP.

badjournalism2087d ago

Your article is bad and you should feel bad.

dbjj120882087d ago

I liked the article. It's hard to be a Vita owner, and really the performance of the handheld is a joke. Might as well have fun with it.

adorie2087d ago

The Vita's performance is far from a joke, sales and games, however are lacklustre compared to what it deserves.

The tools are there,the hardware is definitely there, but the games in amount and quality are lacking. There are some gems out there for the little powerhouse, but not enough, I fear.

LordHiggens2086d ago

Dude have you seen the new PSV Killzone? Have you played Uncharted? The PSV is a powerhouse...there are two things needed for it's success and revival.

1. Price Drop.

2. Price Drop...on memory

That's it.

knifefight2087d ago

PSP got its own original Metal Gear close to launch, and had its own original Final Fantasy announced and with screenshots within about a year of release. I hope the same thing happens with the next PSP, because I like those series.

dbjj120882087d ago

I know this is all in jest but as a Vita owner it makes me quite sad.