ArmA 2 screens and press-event photos

Tiscali Games visited recent Bohemia Interactive Studio's press-event and got photos, exclusive screenshots and new details about combat army simulation ArmA 2, which is now slated for PC and X360 this Christmas.

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power of Green 3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Another 9 months of polish and we'll have a looker.
I wish it was in English so I can read whats going on.

power of Green 3863d ago

I thought I'd share some old Splinter Cell gamplay I'v never seen.

sak5003863d ago

Looking nice but not close to what the earlier fake pics which later turned out to be target renders.

Gorgon3863d ago

Hum...I don't remember those "target renders" pics for Armed Assault 2. Aren't you mistaking this game for Operation Flaspoint 2?

Fishy Fingers3863d ago

Hmmmm... think ill give this a miss unless they make some serious improvements.

To many great games coming at the end of the year and this doesnt look like it'll cut the mustard.