AAA Developers Are Causing a Market Crash, Who Will be Left Standing?

Top tier publishers, developers, and marketing teams are all pushing the industry in a direction that is leading to it's demise. Forget Atari finally closing up shop and THQ biting the dust. Lets forget about games that were just poorly made like Medal of Honor: Warfighter which lead to the closing down of the studio who developed it. Reality is that the top developers and publishers of the moment are trying hard to take their products and make them have mass appeal. This, however, is why Indie Developers are starting to rise, because they still target a genre and create games specifically for the audience that enjoys it. For the ones with broader appeal, it's a new franchise rather than reinventing an old one into something it's never been.

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miyamoto2109d ago

its a good thing Naughty Dog prioritizes game play first then the details of graphics

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givemeshelter2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

As costs rise for upcoming big title games, only studios with big budgets will survive. Look what has happened with many game studios this generation? How many of those went chapter 11 because of rising costs?
It's really discouraging for small independent studios to try and compete so they go the route of mobile gaming and handheld gaming and the indie circuit.
When a AAA game can cost upwards or more then 20+ million, only the "big boys" can make those type of titles...and even then if the game does not sell it's allocated lot to make a profit or break even, said studio goes under. THQ and a few others come to mind...
The game market has SHIFTED

EffectO2109d ago

Games that sell like 10 million + smartphone games

That is the future.

danny8182109d ago

I swear if next gen games are $70 -.- i will buy less games, prolly not buy them on their launch window an wait for a price drop

TheEnigma3132109d ago

Same here. I don't buy day one anymore. I wait until I can afford it.

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