E3 2013 Predictions and Hopes - All Range Mode

On the road to E3! The hype train is in full steam!! The gang discusses their Hopes and Predictions for this years show!!

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Belking1179d ago

And probably continue to struggle as usual....

MegaLagann1179d ago

Need I remind you of 599 US dollars, giant enemy crab hitting the weak point for massive damage and RIIIIIDGE RACERRRR!?

BosSSyndrome1179d ago

Maybe...I mean we have two new consoles and Nintendo bringing out game after game. I'm excited for e3 as a whole.

allrangemode1179d ago

2 Identical products will be unveiled this year, by Sony and Microsoft. haha

MegaLagann1179d ago

For the love of Gabe Newel's perfectly sculpted boy, it's the beginning for February, it's WAY too early for E3 rumors or predictions. I'm still worn out from last years pre E3 hype. Can we wait at least until April at the very earliest.

black9111179d ago

E3 predictions already. We have too many amazin games coming out. He must only own a 360.

allrangemode1179d ago

Hey! give the episode a listen, We dare you to disagree

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