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E3 2013 Predictions and Hopes - All Range Mode

On the road to E3! The hype train is in full steam!! The gang discusses their Hopes and Predictions for this years show!! (3DS, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

StrongMan  +   523d ago
Sony will win E3 as usual.
Belking  +   522d ago
And probably continue to struggle as usual....
MegaLagann  +   522d ago
Need I remind you of 599 US dollars, giant enemy crab hitting the weak point for massive damage and RIIIIIDGE RACERRRR!?
BosSSyndrome  +   522d ago
Maybe...I mean we have two new consoles and Nintendo bringing out game after game. I'm excited for e3 as a whole.
allrangemode  +   522d ago
2 Identical products will be unveiled this year, by Sony and Microsoft. haha
MegaLagann  +   522d ago
For the love of Gabe Newel's perfectly sculpted boy, it's the beginning for February, it's WAY too early for E3 rumors or predictions. I'm still worn out from last years pre E3 hype. Can we wait at least until April at the very earliest.
black911  +   522d ago
E3 predictions already. We have too many amazin games coming out. He must only own a 360.
allrangemode  +   522d ago
Hey! give the episode a listen, We dare you to disagree
allrangemode  +   522d ago
TOP E3 Predictions

Chad’s List
Prediction 1 - New 3DS Model
Prediction 2 - Battlefield 4 is Next Gen / 64 Player matches
Prediction 3 - New XBOX at GDC/ Bungie presentation
Prediction 4 - Kinect Version 2.0 disappoints
Prediction 5 - Wii U price drop / Wind Waker bundle
Hope 1 - Next Gen Mirrors Edge
Hope 2 - New Crack Down
Hope 3 - Shadow Complex 2
Hope 4 - Next Gen Viva Piñata
Hope 5 - New Starfox
Extra 1 - New 3DS w/Majora’s Mask Bundle
Extra 2 - PS4 & XBOX, out in 2013
Extra 3 – No new hardware over $400

Doug’s List
Prediction 1 - Hardware subscription pricing
Prediction 2 - Sony "GamePad"
Prediction 3 - New hardware under $600
Prediction 4 - New Sony Provided Television Service
Prediction 5 - One console will bring us all together
Hope 1 - Final Fantasy will return to glory
Hope 2 - Cancel vita
Hope 3 - Metal Gear Zeros next gen launch
Hope 4 - Sly Cooper is good
Extra 1 - announcements are MS then Sony

Joe’s List
Prediction 1 - Smash Bro's in 2013
Prediction 2 - Pokemon meets skylanders
Prediction 3 - Metal Gear Wii U
Prediction 4 - Retro Studios Metroid
Prediction 5 - No pricing announcements
Hope 1 - Star Wars on Wii U/ Rogue 4
Hope 2 - Payment plans on new hardware
Hope 3 - New Starfox with 3rd party help
Hope 4 - Wii U Achievments
Extra 1 - Only 1 new console in 2013
Extra 2 - Playstation more market friendly

Dan’s List
Prediction 1 - Halo 5 announcement/teaser trailer/next gen
Prediction 2 - Sony + MS keep pushing bullshit
Prediction 3 - See PS4 and XBOX new before E3/playable demos @ E3
Prediction 4 - No PS4 in 2013 / new XBOX on 11/12/13
Prediction 5 - The show will be shit, just like every year
Hope 1 - Two new consoles in 2013
Hope 2 - Destiny, Launch for next gen
Hope 3 - Critical Massive Graphical Power increase
Hope 4 - Wii U must deliver! / A reason to own it
Hope 5 - More Watch Dogs
Extra 1 - Near Field Tech, in new 3DS model
Extra 2 - Highest price $499
Extra 3 - Wii U, animal crossing

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