NVIDIA GeForce Titan Features 6 GB Memory – Review Samples Already Shipped

The GeForce Titan comes in late February and would essentially be a full fledge Tesla K20X designed for consumer market. Based on the much powerful GK110 architecture, the GPU would feature 2688 cuda cores and a huge 6 GB GDDR5 memory running across a 384-bit interface and all of which would be useable unlike that on Dual chip cards.

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DigitalSmoke2143d ago

Since the next "bar" for games will be the next consoles, i dont see anything really pushing this memory, 4k 8x AA ?

Overkill much.

KrisButtar2143d ago

I didnt mean to disagree, damn touch screen on the iphone

zebramocha2143d ago

So,is this the rumored gtx 685? that was to be the real gtx 680 instead of the 680 feeling more like the gtx 570.

NOOBKILLA2143d ago

@zebramocha From what I understand, the Titan isn't a part of the GTX 600 or 700 series. My theory is that the Titan is an entirely new line that is above the GTX line. Only hardware enthusiast need apply!! If I'm right I wouldn't be surprised if every card in the Titan series is $700 and up.

RuperttheBear2143d ago

Well the bar was already raised for game graphics when The Witcher 2 landed on pc. So when the next gen consoles are around and The Witcher 3 lands on pc, and raises the bar again, cards like this will be useful.

deadfrag2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Wtf are you talking!If this card haves more power than a gtx 690 it can sure run witcher3 and all the upcoming games for the next 4 years at 60+fps full specs.Im not calling you idiot...but you must be one of those that think PC gamers must change card every year to run PC game s at max settings...thats not the truth in anyaway.

DigitalSmoke2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I love the whicher games, and its GFX looked very detailed, the game itself isn't a technical marvel in the sense of freedom.
What i mean is there's narrow roads and little room for free movement, clearly Xbox based.

Awesome! game though.

RuperttheBear2142d ago


I didn't mean that at all. I was saying that The Witcher 2 on pc is an amazing looking game and needed a lot of power to run at full settings at the time, turning on UberSampling would bring a lot of pcs to their knees.

If The Witcher 3 pushes pcs again, a card like this would be able to handle it.


The Witcher 2 had plenty of freedom, it is a huge game, and not Xbox based as it was launched on pc first. A stunning game that looks better than any console game on the market.

NOOBKILLA2143d ago

The Geforce Titan is for people running ultra settings at high multi-monitor resolutions like 5760 x 1200 and up. 6GB will definitely come in handy! I can't wait!

adorie2143d ago

This single card ethereal monster supposedly crushes the GTX 690, a dual card beast in it's own right... this is almost unbelievable. @ 1080 or 1600 the titan could run games at maxed settings @ 60fps or above! The 6GB provides so much headroom for upgrading... imagine this in SLI? My head hurts from the thought of the possibilities.

FlyingFoxy2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

its a cash grab card not a real next gen card, i would never game on 3 monitors the framerate would be horrible. But i am interested in the next dual chip 790 which should keep my framerate 60+fps constant at 1080P.

Hopefully Nvidia have finally fixed micro stuttering, or ill be going with the 780.

turgore2143d ago

4k resolution !

With a beast like this, next gen consoles are already obsolete.

hellvaguy2143d ago

"4k resolution !"

4k monitor only for the low price of $15,000. I take 2 sir.

Norrison2143d ago

An OC 680 4GB is more than enough for gaming at 1080p most of the time.

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cyhm31122143d ago

it is very hard for you to think really? Or you really can?

FlyingFoxy2143d ago

Remember the "Mars" cards? they were released right before the real next gen cards before.

This isn't a true next gen card, history is repeating and it should be obvious because Titan logically follows Mars, the true next cards will be much better and the dual chip 790 will be much faster and soon to come.

Save your money, you will regret buying this.

ZoyosJD2143d ago

The Mars II was dual GTX580s about a year back. You miss the memo?

If this single card crushes the highest end dual GPU card of the latest series this should be the card for PC gamers looking to run 4k 30-60FPS as new games begin to release with higher quality assets for next gen consoles.

This card looks to be next gen for PC.

Norrison2143d ago

Next gen consoles won't even surpass the witcher 2.

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2pacalypsenow2143d ago

good now people will be able to enjoy the high end 600 series for lower prices (670-680-690) since this will cost less than the 690 and be much more powerful

decrypt2143d ago

Just how PC tech works ;-) buy a part for 300 usd today, 1 year later the same 300 usd will fetch you a lot more power.

The industry moves on, doesn't get static.

N0S3LFESTEEM2143d ago

The titan is roughly 85% of the performance of a 690. It's not more powerful but it is a single GPU solution. 2 in SLI and you'll be set until the 890's.

deadfrag2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

i want one!

adorie2143d ago

This card feels like 2 gens over this one.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2143d ago

That is a lot of memory that won't be used.. Wow!

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