Nintendo will probably show some Wii U NFC usage this year

NE: "Satoru Iwata spoke a bit about the Wii U’s NFC feature during the Q&A session of Nintendo’s latest financial results briefing. Iwata noted that there are two ways of taking advantage of the technology."

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Christopher1807d ago

Title is a leap in logic, but will be interesting to see what they will do with NFC on the WiiU.

lilbroRx1807d ago

Its Rayman still using it with the toys?

Venox20081806d ago

no, it was a Ubisoft video to show other devs what gamepad could do, they wanted to do it at first, but changed their mind later

Fel081807d ago

I always wondered what that thing was for. It looks lie a cool feature if used right.

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shackdaddy1807d ago

Integrate nfc with their pokemon cards and make another pokemon TCG game for the wiiu.

Even though Im 21, I would buy the shit outta those cards like I did when I was in Elementary school.