Feature: Wii U Blockbusters - What to Play While You Wait

The start of a new Nintendo generation is always cause for excitement for many, with the promise of new entries in the company’s greatest franchises often enough to convince many to buy the system on day one. But with Wii U, Nintendo kept very quiet about its big franchises, and when the system arrived we had little idea of what to expect beyond the launch window. That all changed with Wii U Direct, Nintendo’s recent online broadcast, where President Satoru Iwata announced the proverbial megaton of gaming reveals – this wasn’t just one big franchise making a return, this was five.

While we’ll see more from these at E3, many of you are surely counting down the days until you can play one of Nintendo’s new blockbuster games on your new Wii U. Thankfully, Nintendo has continually provided an alternative to waiting in the form of the Virtual Consoles for Wii, 3DS and, soon, Wii U. For under £10, many of Nintendo’s greatest creations are available to download, so while you wait for th...

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