Lost Planet on PS3 - "Capcom, you've done it again"

Gameplayer has reviewed the PS3 version of Lost Planet, ensuring Capcom and action fans that they will have fun with the game.

"To say that the enemy A.I is basic is an understatement. It's great fun mowing down your enemies at first, but when a Snow Pirate doesn't react to his buddy ten feet away having his face shot off by a sniper rifle, you know something is wrong."

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LeonSKennedy4Life3941d ago

Now THESE GUYS know how to make a port. Take a hint, EA...

power of Green 3941d ago

Didn't read the review but its hard to believe what you're saying are you joking?.

Lifendz3940d ago

Are you buying a PS3 when MGS4 comes out or are you one of the people waiting on FFXIII?

BTW, if you already have a PS3 please give your PSN id.

The Killer3941d ago

but thats what they get when all they think of is throwing non quality port at ps3, at first those who familiar with coding in 360 find it harder in ps3, so they should have brought more programmers but we know that capcom is going down with quality games, my only hope now is resident evil 5, i really hope they dont screw it also!
and u know what capcom??? u need to get new IP's and good ones too, not a guy shooting in the snow fields with robots!

Farsendor13941d ago

it has gotten negative reviews so fare it is a crappy port

bumnut3941d ago

good port of a crappy game.

i played this on 360, its very repetitive and you will get bored quickly.

Prototype3941d ago

Not a bad game, need to fix the online a bit though. Seven hours after buying the game I already beat it, decent ending; don't mind playing it through to get all the coins since its reminds me of Uncharted playing-wise.

Now to port Dead Rising so I can play a side story of Resident Evil without having to buy another console.

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The story is too old to be commented.