First in-game images of Shadowrun Returns surface

Some screens from a GameInformer article showing off Shadowrun Returns have been unearthed.

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KaL_D1993d ago

Article states that these are not actual gameplay, just static placement of the art assets. However, it looks like it's coming along great regardless.

KrisButtar1993d ago

Reminds me of the genesis days, just wish it was real time instead of turn based( like the genesis) I'm excited for this game.

dedicatedtogamers1993d ago

Just an f.y.i, the SNES version (which was a completely different game developed by a different company) was turn-based, so it's not like they were abandoning the roots of the franchise. They just...went with the SNES style instead of the Genesis one.

3-4-51993d ago

I loved the genesis game. I think turn based will actually fit this game though.

hano1993d ago

My name is going to be in the credits of this beauty.

I wish they would take more time to make the game though, it seems they're rushing it too early.

Proud backer baby :D

Mkai281993d ago

Back to shooting ghouls!