PlayStation Store Preview – February 5th, 2013

This week’s biggest release is Dead Space 3. But if you’re a scaredy pants, try the light-hearted, family-friendly Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, releasing on both the PS3 and PlayStation Vita (with Cross-buy, Cross-play, and Cross-saves, too!). Our review is coming very soon, so stay tuned if you’re on the fence. For PSN games, there’s… even more Sly Cooper, as Bentley’s Hackpack drops this week. Of course, you can always look to PlayStation Plus if all else fails.

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Sev2018d ago

Yeah, seems to be a common theme this week.

2018d ago
zeeshan2018d ago Show
dbjj120882018d ago

I have yet to buy a cross-buy item, but I'm certainly enticed by the program.

TrendyGamers2018d ago

I'll be getting Guardians of Middle Earth tomorrow.

Wedge192018d ago

It's a stellar update this week!

Donnieboi2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

For Europe yes, for N.A., nope. Not even close.

NovusTerminus2018d ago

I'm still wanting the Soul Sacrifice demo!

dbjj120882018d ago

I think we're going to have to keep waiting.

1nsomniac2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I wonder if EU will get Ninja Gaiden & Retro City Rampage with PS+?

Would love to play NG again on my Vita!

Hanso2018d ago

eu gets in 2 days Wipeout Vita :)

1nsomniac2018d ago

Awesome!! that'll do just fine :)

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