After eight years, Hunted Cow Studios unveils its MMO Eldevin

GamesBeat unveils a new free-to-play MMO, Eldevin, from Scottish studio Hunted Cow Studios. It's been in the works for eight years and is aimed squarely at Runescape's audience.

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SybaRat2019d ago

And next, they'll make a Duke Nukem game in six years.

deantak2019d ago

I do suspect is was more than one guy working on it for seven years. plus 20 in the last year. a million pounds must go farther than that.

JeffGrubb2019d ago

This seems like a lapse in judgment.

Tolkoto2019d ago

Best studio name ever?

darkronin2292019d ago

G'luck to them, but there's so many F2P MMOs out there right now.