Select Namco Bandai Games 50% Off Starting Tomorrow

Nick writes: "Ah February, a month of blossoming love, the promise of spring and a massive PlayStation Network sale from Namco Bandai Games! Starting tomorrow, Namco Bandai Games will be holding a four-week 50% off sale of selected digital games and downloadable content across the PlayStation family brand of systems."

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Black-Rock-Shooter2079d ago

want to get NOBY NOBY BOY so i can help try and get to pluto xD

Ness6192079d ago

For $2.50 I will certainly join you. Although, didn't the lead developer say they were pulling the plug on the game a while back? I thought it was killed off

grailly2079d ago

that game was stupid fun, I love it haha. I always keep it on my hard drive to show it to my friends (who now think I'm crazy)

seriously, you can eat your own butt!

Toon_Link2079d ago

Oh man me and my wife use to play that game ALOT! But it's been a really long time I'll definitely jump on and help with that.

AznGaara2079d ago

Well now I can get One Piece lol

Toon_Link2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Looks like I'll be picking up Dark Souls DLC.

yeahokchief2079d ago

good move. ya should have bought it already! excellent dlc.