Dead Space 3 Kinect Commands Cheat Sheet

Major Nelson writes:

'Dead Space 3 ships this week (The demo hit Xbox LIVE last month) and EA sent over the below PDF cheat that will help you in both the Single and Co-Op.'

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Christopher2018d ago

Don't see it mentioned in the document, but do you have to use a load-in command for it to recognize and process the command on Kinect's end? Example: "Kinect Exit" and "Kinect Find Objective"

Or is it just going to accept whatever you (and anyone else?) says? I admit I am not wholly familiar with Kinect, but this is how we've handled voice commands in the work I've done (load-in commands that tell the system to capture and recognize what is being said next).

AllroundGamer2018d ago

use voice commands for such basic things like "reload weapon"?? really? i mean clicking a button is definitely faster...

2018d ago
IIC0mPLeXII2018d ago

What happens when I say gimmick, does the game try to move more units through a afterthought peripheral inclusion?

tubers2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I hope this could help some handicapped gamers.

After seeing stroke victims, I think I'd be happy with lots of games with voice command features.

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