Congratulations Microsoft: The Xbox 360 Is One Hell Of A Console

Game & Guide: "The Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console has surpassed expectations to become the top selling core gamer console ahead of the PS3. Seven years ago, no one would have even guessed the Xbox 360 would become so popular, and for that, we must congratulate Microsoft for a job well done."

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wenaldy2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

And COCAINE is a Hell of a drug!!!

bryam19822115d ago

Hell of console to keep my door open on summer lol

mandf2115d ago

Is there any proof of this? I'll wait for the official release from Ms and Sony.

whoyouwit042115d ago

is there proof of what? Microsoft are the ones who release those numbers and you have a hard time believing them. yet you believe those fake IDC numbers that claim 77 million PS3 shipped that Sony never gave a response to. Sony never responded cause they know those numbers are BS.

mandf2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I don't believe anything yet. Not all the factors in the equation are here yet. Sony gets to release their numbers now. It's so neck and neck no one can claim victory as they call it yet.

By the way don't put words in my mouth, I never claimed to believe anything

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The story is too old to be commented.