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Should We Be Able to Sell Used Digital Games?

"While it might seem like common sense that you can’t sell something that doesn’t physically exist, the option of selling used digital content obtained through services such as Steam or IndieCity is heavily debated in places like Germany. " (Industry, PC, Steam)

majiebeast  +   543d ago
Yes i bought it i own it i should be able to sell it. That would certainly clean up my steam list.
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cl1983  +   543d ago
It all depends on what you bought. The best way that can explain it is by comparing buying a car too leasing a car. You technically don't own a leased vehicle, it's actually owned by the dealership.
GrieverSoul  +   543d ago

BUT... you dont pay full price for the car. You pay a monthly fee. The service I relate this leasing is PlayStation Plus.
Buying a full price game should enable you to sell it later. But its too late of a concept to implemente now. Independent of what we might think.
Tzunoy  +   543d ago
Well that's why people should stick to Physical copies otherwise they sign their doom nice and slowly.
1nsomniac  +   543d ago
You dont lease any game unless you've rented it etc, but then obviously you cant sell it & you've not bought it. Thats just common sence tho so I dont know what point your trying to make. you dont buy a leased car or if you do then its yours to sell as you feel like.
darthv72  +   543d ago
a buddy of mine
sold me his 360 slim cause he needed the cash. He sold with it a stack of physical games but also several digital games saved to the hdd.

He went so far as to change all sorts of the account information to link up with mine and while I am able to download my gamertag to this other system, not all of the digital games are available for me to earn achievements on.

Some of them are open for me to sign in and play so long as his profile remained on the system. Others, i have to sign in as him first, then using a 2nd controller sign in as myself and those previously locked games are available for me to play and earn achievements on.

If you sell your system and want to give up your rights to the digital content then the buyer should have the right to accept a license transfer. But it would seem that the nature of license transfers are tied to the system...not the user.

Id like that to change but I doubt it will anytime soon. I know he wont ever use his gamertag anymore so i wont delete his profile but its a drag to sign in as him, then as myself to play a damn game.
kayoss  +   543d ago
I think we should look at how other software are handled. Windows OS software can't be resold. Also virus software can't be sold either. I would love to sell some of my digitally owned games but implementing a process can be complicated.
Bimkoblerutso  +   543d ago
If you buy into "digital games," you are not truly purchasing anything. You are essentially paying for a license to play the game. Hell, even physical copies of our games these days come with so much DRM BS that it would be innaccurate to say that we truly own anything but the flimsy boxes they come in.

People should have realized this a LONG time ago. There wouldn't really be a problem with this if there were any real advantages to paying for the "service" rather than an actual product. Retail pricing stays EXACTLY the same despite the massively reduced overhead, DRM is even more prevalent and restrictive, and yeah, there's ZERO resale value.

Steam has done a lot to make things more appealing with their ridiculous sales and attempts at providing convenience, but for the most part, the digital revolution is just one more way to control consumers.
JaredH  +   543d ago
They would not have a way of implementing this, especially with sales changing the prices of games drastically every so often.

The closest thing would probably be letting you gift the games you bought for yourself to other players.
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grailly  +   543d ago
the problem I see is that a "used" copy would be exactly the same as the new copy, game prices would quickly swirl into oblivion. I would guess most games would cost less than half the original price after a month.

Yes but your steam account will be refilled with f2ps..
PC would be irrelevant for sure next to consoles. Ubisoft, Activision, EA would only make f2p pc games. Happy joy? :)

Lol Buy a $30 game on steam sale for $7.50 then sell it for $5 to someone who will sell for $5 who will sell it for $7 and so on. This would truly kill pc imo.. AAA devs would run.

Also why buy a game to support you when people can pirate? Either way the devs get nothing. No one will buy from you they don't care to support you. The creators of the game? sure.

lol Valve would have provide servers for resellers? 3 Years later they will be out of business.

I rather not sell my games so pc can grow.
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Saryk  +   543d ago
The consoles grew and there was trading! And they had physical items, those physical items cost money to make, digital doesn't have that issue!
Rubberlegs  +   543d ago
You can't trade in PC games so it shouldn't be any different with digital versions. It would also be difficult to put a price on them because of how cheap they go for during sales. Sleeping Dogs was on sale for $10 last week, its standard price is $40.

Its rare that I ever spend full price on a new release going digital. With sites like Greenman Gaming they run deals all the time that knock off anywhere from $10-$20.
hano  +   543d ago
Oh yeah? I bought DMC for 49$ because I wanted the game and it would usually go for low price on steam (I can't really buy it) only after 6 months to a year after release.
OhReginald  +   543d ago
If that happens what stops someone from a selling a game for a penny to a friend just so he can have a go at it?
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maniacmayhem  +   543d ago
What's stopping them from doing that now?
kevnb  +   543d ago
naw, software doesnt break after a set amount of time. Unless we start leasing software and selling that lease, it wont work.
Mathew9R   543d ago | Spam
1nsomniac  +   543d ago
You should be able to sell anything you buy, Its your right. Its that simple!
Saryk  +   543d ago
"While it might seem like common sense that you can’t sell something that doesn’t physically exist"

That was really ironic!
aiBreeze  +   543d ago
Don't they already have some sort of swap function? Maybe that's for gifts but maybe a middle ground where they implement a licensing swap deal allowing members to trade games.
aliengmr  +   543d ago
Valve has looked into it, and they have expanded trading "gift" games. but you can't play a "gift" game, only trade it.
aliengmr  +   543d ago
How in the world would you even implement selling used digital games? There isn't a set depreciation, if Skyrim is anything to go by.

How would it end up being scammed? We all know people can hack just about anything.

Without any consideration for the potential problems, yes, I would love to to able to "sell" the games I don't play anymore. But few seem to really consider the harm it could cause.

Some kind of "store credit" system could work. But Valve would have to get the third party pubs to sign off on it.
STARRHUNTER29  +   543d ago
im not buying the sytem soo really dont care
hano  +   543d ago
Yes, I'm paying full price for those new games. And I want to lend it or share it with friends...
However, it usually has steam DRM so I can only play it on my account.
sypher  +   543d ago
Digital items have no inherit value, because they can be produced infinitely. So it has no resale value.

If you are interested to know why this is, i wrote an article about a month ago explaining it all in detail :)
Qrphe  +   543d ago
If software is to be treated like a physical product when it comes to illegally sharing it, then the same software should be able to be sold, traded, etc.
Lazyeye79  +   543d ago
And this is why when games become download only, I will not buy them because I will not own them.
ninjahunter  +   542d ago
It would be a nice option, i have quite a few games in my library that ile never touch again.

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