Rumour: PS Vita Getting First Birthday Sale In Europe

Although Sony have removed the page in question, it looks like the Vita will be treated to a first birthday sale on the PSN Store soonish. Picked up across the web, the now defunct page listed a few games that would be on sale, although no sale prices had been applied.

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DivineAssault 2114d ago

looks like ill be buying rayman digitally if priced right.. I hate getting digital games & the physical copy is only $20 but what can i say? im cheap & the game is great so im buying it when this sale hits

ABizzel12114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I agree, and it's not because you're cheap. You just want an equal deal. Why would I buy a digital $40 game when I can Buy it for half the price in the store.

They really need to stay on top of their digital prices, because many times they're all over the place.

That being said I guess we're due for some Vita news at this Feb. 20th meeting. Maybe a price cut ($189.99), new model (16GB + 4G, android marketplace), and steep game discounts to get people on board with the Vita.

tubers2114d ago

Android Market place!? That's highly unlikely.. but I'd buy another VITA just for that..

Wallet vote for Sony's awesome move if so. :D

2114d ago
ABizzel12113d ago


It's not as unlikely as you think. Sony and Google have had one of the greatest relationships in the industry, and both have helped one another by launching multiple devices built by Sony running Google software.

Ultr2114d ago

Sony published games are already cheaper, so Third Party has to jump on :)

1nsomniac2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Im not sure which of these 1st party games you mention are cheaper. No digital games on the Sony platform have ever been cheaper than their real retail price to my knowledge..

Ultr2114d ago

actually EVERY single one of them has been within the last year at least.

EVERY Game that has been on PSN day1 is selling for less than the Retail Price

LBPKarting, 10bucks less
Uncharted GA 7Bucks less
Wipeout 2048 3 bucks less
the list goes on.

at least in my country

Gridloc2114d ago

Add to the fact most digital games are allowed to be downloaded on 2 systems....

Kalowest2114d ago

WTF, why need lower the physical copy prices too, I don't want the digital copies.

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Cam9772114d ago

This was discovered by somebody on the EU PS Blog.

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