Most Wanted Next-Gen: Mafia III

"When Mafia released back in 2002 on PC, it set a benchmark for open world sandbox video games. Not in terms of gameplay, or entertainment value, but in storytelling. Mafia weaved a complex narrative over a decade, concluding with a scene that will be hailed as one of the most memorable in video gaming history." - OnlySP

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Sandmano1994d ago

Agree a %100 loved Mafia 2 I believe it just needed a little more dev time and it would have been prefect. Really cant wait for Mafia 3 next gen I think I read somewhere that their working on next gen Mafia.

PockyKing1993d ago

Hopefully it'll be the true GTA of the 1900's Next-Gen.

Breadcrab1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I was pleasantly surprised by Mafia II, even though I thought the open world was a bit unnecessary, since there was very little to do within it. For the most part, the game was just a series of story missions, which made me wonder why it wasn't just a linear game. Having to drive everywhere got tedious after a while.

If Mafia III wants to retain the open world, there should probably be some side missions and activities, as well more interactivity in general. That said, I like the idea of a third game and have no doubt the story would be interesting once again.

JScotty281993d ago

Never played the franchise, but was always curious about it. If 3 goes next-gen I may have to give it a shot.

omi25p1993d ago

the second one is very good.

PockyKing1993d ago

I couldn't get into it, didn't really like the shooting aspects. Felt too floaty..