Boycott Dead Space 3?

EA has decided to include Micro Transactions in Dead Space 3 to bypass earning it with skill. 8bitbot is wholly against this. Check our video to see why.

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JoGam2140d ago

No... I am not boycotting. And i won't be buying the micro transaction too. I'll just play the game normal.

showtimefolks2139d ago

seriously people seriously have another hobby besides gaming

don't buy the damn game but that doesn't someone who is interested in it and liked the demo shouldn't buy it.

you don't have to use the micro Transactions

between this and asking obama to ban DMC and than people wonder why gaming as entertainment isn't lookedat seriously whole other forms of entertainment get their due respect

simple solution if you don't like EA don't buy their games, i don't buy capcom games, where are the capcom fanboys when capcom rips their fans charge for all sort of dlc? why is it always only EA

DeleteThisxx2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I agree with most of your post except for the "Why is it always only EA?"

You serious?

inb4 "Super street fighter turbo hd ultimate remix edition"

Capcom haters are just as bad.

knowyourstuff2139d ago

EA's a cash whore, they do the same thing with their Need for Speed games, practically every NFS game that has come out allows you to buy timesaver packs and unlock all cars and tracks. It's just another source of revenue for people with aren't hardcore gamers and just want to experience whatever they want whenever they want, and don't care to drive all the slow cars for hours on end before they can get any fast ones. I would never buy it but who cares if someone else wants to? Get a life, seriously. The only time this is a bad thing is if it's nearly impossible to get everything in the game unlocked without paying for it, and EA hasn't done there here, so stop crying you babies.

joab7772139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Exactly. Think logically ppl. This isnt bad, it is brilliant. What i hate is forcing me to pay for equipment that someone CANNOT get in game. AAA titles r expensive to make. The industry is saturated and the economy isnt helping. Many of our fav IPs may not make it to next gen. Also, ppl are not buying many games cuz they dont have the time to play everything. This dlc u CAN get in game by playing it. So what are u boycotting? If they make a few million by speeding up the process for those who want to pay, who cares. It isnt multiplayer, it wont affect you and it may earn the company a few extra million, keep money circulating and ppl working.

Now, dragons dogmas dlc was basically pointless cuz it was almost all underpowered but i bought it to support them so they can make another one cuz i loved it. U know what i do for games i dont like? Nothing. Its almost like u r boycotting because u have no restraint and will have to buy the dlc because its there, and thus it will ruin ur experience.

Now, i dunno how accurate GI's review is but they gave it a 9.75 and u want to boycott it. WTF!!! Just dont buy it and dont troll. Maybe boycott on disc dlc or dlc for shit that should be a reward in game. Better yet, dont boycott anything right now or we wont have an industry. Practice some self control and purchase it.

yeahokchief2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

I don't care about the microtransactions. 1&2 allowed you to buy weapons too.

I've played all the games before this one, but i'm not buying this one because it is no longer survival horror. It's an action game. It's not for the fans of the series whatsoever.

I had already added all EA games to my shitlist since the horrible Battlefield 3 port anyways. No EA, Activision Blizzard, Crapcom or Nintendo games for this guy. Bunch of casual focused crap that hasn't even fixed major glaring flaws or is missing important launch features that they sell off later as DLC.

I feel sorry for anyone who trusts a review made by a magazine run by Gamestop. They're in the business of selling games idiot. Look back at how they gave RAGE a 9.something and look how horrible it was. They have 0 credibility. IN the same month they gave Dark Souls and 8. Look at all the positive reception that game has. Total bullshit.

TLDR Greedy assholes are ruining my hobby and making me hate it. I'll just keep my money and wait for the others to slip up until i'm through with it.

Seraphim2139d ago

I probably should boycott simply because I probably won't get around to playing it until it's $35 anyway. But nope, copy arriving tomorrow alongside Sly. While I don't agree w/ Micro Bull I do support Visceral and they've done a fine job w/ the Dead Space IP. Until they screw that up they have my respect, support & money.

chukamachine2139d ago

Don't boycott, don't buy dlc. Microcrap. If they want to go this route. The actual retail game should be cheaper to begin with.

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thaiboy2140d ago

The upside of boycotting is to send a message to the big game developers that micro transactions are not right or fair.

ArchangelMike2140d ago

Nope... proven not to work.

Why? Because EA probably already have about 1 million pre-orders for the game across all platforms. To put it another way over the course of the next 12 months they will sell over 1 million copies of the game. 3 million copies at least.

Boycotting will have zero impact.

Don't buy the game if you don't want to, but don't delude yourself that such a "boycott" has any impact whatsoever.

MarioAna2140d ago

The Dead Space franchise is in decline, Dead Space 2 didn't even sell 3 million. Current pre-orders are under 250,000 for the US and that's it's biggest market.

DS3 won't even get half the pre orders you state, and funny thing about that is pre-orders can be cancelled. Boycotting does work, if people actually do it, if not then well it's not boycotting is it?

Series in decline, so EA come up with one last way of milking the suckers. Who are the same people who just lie back and take it.

kindi_boy2140d ago

Money you didn't make is money you lost.
I don't understand why people hate to make a statement...

ArchangelMike2139d ago

All I'm saying is that internet boycotys, petitions and protests simply do not work.

Name me one internet boycott or petition that has had any impact. Even the Mass Effect 3 fiasco with it's "extended ending" didn't change the things the fans wanted changed.

REALgamer2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

How do the micro transaction in Dead Space 3 affect you in any way?

All content is available through normal play. You do not miss out on anything through ignoring the micro transactions. Therefore, you can play the game and pretend they don't exist if you wish and still get the full experience.

However, for some people who may not have the same time or skill necessary to unlock these things, this is an optional way for them to be able to see everything the game has to offer.

I am completing a PhD at the moment, and did not have time to unlock every costume in DmC. I was very happy to see the option to pay $4 to unlock them immediately so I would not miss out on seeing them in my limited playtime.

The fact that someone else may make use of this has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on your own experience. So why should you care what other people do?

Play the game without them if you wish. I will too. But how on earth is it unfair when it doesn't affect your game at all?

MarioAna2139d ago

The concern for me is that while you can get them without paying, they are going to make it next to impossible to do to make you eventually give up and pay. Perhaps in a normal situation you would have had to grind for an hour or so, but now EA might push that up to 5 or 6 hours to deter people from even trying.

This is of course not a known quantity, just my fear.

gorebago2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Pretty much any modern EA game does this. Look at the DLC for the Need for Speed series for example.

Going to pick my copy up tomorrow after work and enjoy it!

Timesplitter142139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Is it just me or does this website/youtube show look really, really lame? Looks like they're reading a script in their mom's basement

animegamingnerd2139d ago

yeah that is what i said if you really want dead space 3 but don't want to support EA buy it used

REALgamer2139d ago

Hang on, you're saying if you really want Dead Space 3 you shouldn't support EA? They're the ones providing you with Dead Space 3. If you want it, then it means they've succeeded in creating something you want to play.

If you dislike Twilight, should you sneak into the cinema instead of buying a ticket, or should you, I don't know, NOT see it?

If you want Dead Space 3, buy it. If you don't, then don't buy it. Wanting to play it without giving the devs their money in exchange for the product YOU WANT TO PLAY is just hypocritical.

Revolver_X_2139d ago

Flawed N4G logic, as usual.
inb4 Root brings more irrational dribble.

Kamikaze1352139d ago

I don't see a reason to unless you're forced to buy things that add more content to the game that should have been there for free. IIRC, Dead Space 2 had a bunch of DLC that just made the game easier...nothing you absolutely required. It takes away from the challenge, anyway.

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