3djuegos-Dead Space 3 Review

3D:Isaac Clarke and his odyssey against Necromorphs still giving us thrills with a new chapter. Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have changed the formula of the popular series, but not in a way as severe as some had feared.

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Zefros2017d ago

Great score! Hoped that it would get around 8.5 atleast.

JaredH2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Good score. For people wondering, the Game Informer review is confirmed fake too.

Anzil2017d ago

its just funny how people will make shit up just cause they're a little butt-hurt that there game changed a bit! Like lets just make thousands of sequels that stay the exact same so the same people can bitch about that!

DeadSpaced2017d ago

Good review, good score.

TechOne2017d ago

meh, I'll give it a rent.