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Antichamber Review | GameCloud

Antichamber is an innovative puzzle game that successfully captures many unique and intriguing ideas. The primary focus on player perception speaks loudly for the psychology behind the game, and it will leave players feeling satisfied upon it’s conclusion. However, if you are someone who likes to explore, be prepared to keep track of any puzzles you intend to come back to. There is no way to place markers on the map, so the non-linear nature of the experience can quickly become very punishing to those unprepared. Antichamber is not like anything else you’ve played before, it is a flawed, yet brilliant experience that all fans of the puzzle genre should consider. (Antichamber, PC) 8/10

TiberusX87  +   836d ago
I've not been seeing a lot of attention directed at this game, even from some of the larger review sites. It would be such a shame if Antichamber goes completely unnoticed...

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