Sly Cooper Street Date Broken

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, is already available for purchase in US stores

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DivineAssault 2079d ago

as much as i would love to play a new platformer & support the game, im going to wait this one out til the price drops.. I bought PSABR brand new for $60 on PS3 for the crossbuy but it dropped down to $40 like a month later & got GOT for $20.. not doing it again

Donnieboi2079d ago

It's starting price is $40 for the ps3 and vita version combined in one package
What more do u want?

Dylila2079d ago

ill be buying this game as soon as possible. amazing price for a good game. buying the ps3 version and ps vita version for such a low price.

DivineAssault 2079d ago

i didnt know it was $40.. Then i will be getting it

Riderz13372079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

The game is launching at 40$ plus you get Vita version for free if you buy the PS3 version. Come on man you gotta support this game to show Sony we still love the old school platformers. Sly, Ratchet and Jak are my childhood!!!!

TheLastGuardian2079d ago

It should be a no brainer at $40. I would've gladly paid $60 since I'm a huge Sly Cooper fan. I ordered from Newegg with a $10 off code so I'm getting the PS3 and Vita versions for $30. I can't believe I'm getting a game I want so badly for half the normal retail price with cross-buy. Only downside is I don't get the pre-order bonuses and the games usually come a day or 2 after release. I paid $50 for PSASBR, but I'm fine with that because with cross-buy that's still a great deal on a game I thoroughly enjoy playing.

remanutd552079d ago

Hopefully Sly gets a midnight release on the psn, im getting the digital version.

sitharrefus2079d ago

saw it at game stop for 29 dollars last week....

r212078d ago

You probably saw the HD collection.

JimmyHACK2079d ago

So anyone know any of these US stores that are supposedly selling early?

matrixman922079d ago

why would u make an article like this and not say where its being sold

toguns2079d ago

Did you try Gamestop, I know one was selling it today because they knew other retailers had broken the street date.

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The story is too old to be commented.