IGN: Patapon Video Review

IGN has posted their video review of Patapon for the PSP.

"This is the type of title that comes out once in a game generation..."

Video is in 480p.

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xplosneer3944d ago

Twice in a generation.


(Yes I have played both, will be picked up Patapon as soon as it gets to a local retailer).

meepmoopmeep3944d ago

both Locoroco and Patapon are great innovative games. that's what i like about sony games, they're not afraid to bring something new and take risks, while others just stick to being generic.

now, back to my drum playing ;D

destroyah3944d ago

Well deserved. One of the best PSP games I've played to be honest. This and Chains of Olympus will keep me busy till Crisis Core Day. :D

Proxy3944d ago

Just a question I had. Figured I could ask it here?

On topic: Looks like a great game, makes me want a PSP (to go with my PS3).

Farsendor13944d ago

gosh i love the name of this game too bad dont have a psp ill get one of those sometime

darkside3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

got mine today!!! and it's great!!! (@[email protected])

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