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Betting on the Playstation 4

A few prop bets regarding the Playstation 4 and Sony's big announcement on February 20. Gambling makes everything better.

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Community1661d ago
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metroid321661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Here's something for u all Sony themselves said it wont be a big leap from ps3 and they wont be concentrating on graphics,Gearbox has just sent ps4 devkits bk to Sony as they had a little meltdown when under the influence of Unreal Engine 4,WiiU development running smooth ????

John Carmack said ps4 specs are not impressive so did epic,and with the rumour of devkit meltdown when using ue4 ect makes me think WiiU might be the console devs get the most out of.

majiebeast1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Third party developers:Whats a wiiu?


His butt. Its a very impressive butt i agree with that. VGchartz has the same type of butt, so does Kotaku.

Nitrowolf21661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

uh where are you sourcing this from?


Oh alright, good to hear. That's pretty impressive if it's true, my butt hardly gives me anything but crap.

Mr-SellJack1661d ago

lmao you must be high on marijuana

Prodigy-X1661d ago

LMFAO!!!! Butthurt Nintendo Fanboy scared of the PS4.

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cooperdnizzle1661d ago

@ metroid32
i remember sony saying the would not release a new console until a big leap could be achieved. i believe it was jack Trenton who said it. and with the comments sony has made with there tv products saying they are making top of the line products and selling them for a premium, makes me think that this console will be the strongest one yet. every one knows that its sonys tv division that cost them alot of money, and if they are not cutting budget from that division then they will certainly not cut from there biggest money maker they have PLAYSTATION!!!

metroid321660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Yes you remember the positive statement what about after that when sony said it wont be much more powerful than ps3 and is targeting girls ??

Let me say Gearbox wouldn't be sending devkit bk to sony if it was powerful seems UE4 might be a little too powerful for ps4 in it's current state ???

They since changed their stategy because they simply can't afford another ps3 ???

KrisButtar1661d ago

I'm not a betting man, but going along with the article I would say they will show the ps4 and show the ecosystem between that and the vita

Omar911661d ago

I think people believe that in order for sony to wow us with graphics, the leap has to be the same as how it was going from ps2 to ps3. Thats not the case. The graphics for ps4 will be definitely better and have a big leap but not as big as the leap from ps2 to ps3. and honestly thats ok.

Lifebanisher1661d ago

They will show the ps4 the teaser trailer says it all already showing ps buttons.