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GR: No matter how stunning the game looks, how terrifying the infected may be, The Last of Us is about relationships—the characters' relationships between one another and the player's relationship to these characters. Although to proceed in the game you must survive, after getting to know these characters, you become invested in their survival beyond just winning the game.

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knifefight2115d ago

And in line to purchase, *I* will be known as The First of Us.

alexcosborn2115d ago

Soooooo excited for this game!

lovegames7182115d ago

This is how you make a game and this is how you show the power of the cell!!!! This game is a beast visually and the game play seems to be on par as well. I cant $ucking wait!!!!!

r212115d ago

Yup, gotta agree on the Clickers. Their sounds are just so unsettling. Watched that 2 minute gameplay with headphones on and full volume and god damn, i got the chills. ND have really stepped up in the sound department.

cyberninja2115d ago

Can't wait any longer!!!

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