What If America Banned Violent Video Games

This is a question I think about from time to time. Thought about it a lot in 2007 after the talk of it in the media because of the Virginia Tech Shooting, and again after other shootings until now. Ever since I realized the power of the United States government, I’ve really tried to envision what would happen in our country and this is what I’ve come up with. These are just my thoughts, and opinions…nothing of this is fact. I ask you now before I continue that you give your own version of what you think would happen because…well we may not be far from this happening.

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LackTrue4K2087d ago

If they ever take my hobby away, I would probably turn to heavy drinking...
(But that's just me tho)

Merrill2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Come to Canada :) We don't censor nearly as much and we generally accept people for who they are, i.e. gamer, gay, black, etc..

And we will teach you how to drink.

DasTier2087d ago

"we generally accept people for who they are, i.e. gamer, gay, black, etc.. "

you said that like its a good thing...

Daver2087d ago

we will teach you how to drink if you come in quebec not in canada

Lord_Sloth2087d ago

You say that as if the US is still prejudice against black people.

tachy0n2087d ago

"What If AMERICA Banned Violent Video Games"

moving to Canada would be useless since violent video games would be banned all over the american Continent.

joab7772087d ago

Crazy...never thought i would see the day that Canada had more freedom. This iant crazy either. This country is so absurd today that it barely resembles what it once was.

KrisButtar2087d ago


""What If AMERICA Banned Violent Video Games"
moving to Canada would be useless since violent video games would be banned all over the american Continent."

Umm no why would Canada follow the ban in the USA when our monarch is the queen not the president

we also have different laws!

SilentNegotiator2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

The US would never ban violent games. There's Supreme Court precedence and everything. STOP WITH THE BS STEREOTYPES that we don't accept black people, gay people (just because they aren't allowed to get married in some states - It's an old institution that doesn't have to include homosexuality), or gamers. I'm so sick of all the self-loathing (US)Americans and hateful non-(US)Americans that think they understand the US.

To those of you that missed tachy0n's joke; The United States of America =/= America the continent. The more you know.

darthv722087d ago

I guess there would have to be a ruling on what is deemed violent. The obvious would be the run and gun types but lets think back to before those games were so prevalent.

i mean mario jumping on a koopa's head to squish him all the while trying to defeat bowser and save the princess. Wasn't that, in a way, violent?

Pretty much every game has some sort of action that is performed to defeat the opposing force. sports games are violent in the sense of the roughness they depict and with the recent statement of the Prez about football...i mean seriously.

It isnt the same as taking a gun and shooting the other player but in the eyes of the serious game haters it may as well be. Space shooters like space invaders, where you are blasting enemy pixels as they progress down the screen.

Fighting games like street fighter or mortal kombat. which was in the news for its over the top unrealistic graphical nature and yet was deemed inappropriate for the time.

I swear, it isnt the games that make people do what they do. Its with them...themselves and their ability (or lack of) to take what they see or hear and attempt to mimic that in normal society.

Normal society.....yeah, I had to laugh at that when i typed it.

tachy0n2087d ago


nuclear facepalm*

do you know what america is? america is a CONTINENT NOT A COUNTRY.

DasTier2086d ago


Yeah thats not true.

North America is a continent, South America is a continent. Together the continents are often called the Americas.

The United States of America is a country, but America itself? That means nothing unless you elaborate further.

Next time, before you lecture people try to make sure your correct, ok?

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Blaze9292087d ago

The subject matter is too vague, which is why this gun debate will probably be a difficult one. What would you classify as violent for a videogame? Shooting terrorists in Call of Duty or throwing tomatoes at Plankton in Spongebob?

Even The Sims has violence.

Thatguy-3102087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

If they ban video games they will have to banned violent movies, shows etc. As well. Doubt it will happen though because wouldn't that basically go against our first amendment? Government can only make more restrictions but to absolutely take it away I doubt it.

princejb1342087d ago

If they ban violent games
Most likely a lot of developers will close down and the gaming industry will fade away slowly
Except for Nintendo since the majority of their games are for casuals

-Superman-2087d ago

Then there would be PS3 and Wii

fermcr2087d ago

"What If America Banned Violent Video Games"

Then they would have to cut out violent films, series, and cut the news since it has a lot of violence (bye bye CNN)... among many other violent things.

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phantomexe2087d ago

I've been thinking about it myself here lately. The NRA is so powerful and they won't stop pointing the finger at video games. They are going use that money they have to make sure the limelight is off guns. I'm a guy who loves hunting during deer season here in ohio and i supported the NRA for years and i still support the second amendment but people don't need assault rifles,gernades or tanks. I have no problem with people doing research on the effects of some games on kids as long as it's fair. Kids shouldn't be playing M rated games but this falls to the parents to decide. There are people out there like Alex aka jim jones making things worse then they are for people. The government isn't out to get don't need to hide your family and guns. Don't be a tool for this guy to make money.

Sorry for the rant all. This is my opinion.

ravinash2087d ago

It's just a shame that the NRA does not have more members like you.
For all I know, most members are like you but there are just a few at the top which are making all the noise and pointing the finger at everyone else.

Steadyhndz2087d ago

Really sucks that this post didn't get approved...posted it an hour or so too early.

DarthJay2087d ago

Agreed. It's impossible. The Constitution prevents it.

LOGICWINS2087d ago

Just like the Constitution prevented NDAA?

Blaze9292087d ago

Just like the Constitution backed up equal protection clause?

Steadyhndz2087d ago

Constitution no longer has any kind of ruling...NDAA being a perfect example. They're censoring the press with money, censoring the media with lobbyists...and when we do speak out controversial matters we're threatened and later on we're thrown in jail.

AridSpider2087d ago

Just like the Constitution see where we're going with this? Nothing, the constitution protects nothing at the end of the day.

DarthJay2087d ago

Then why haven't they done it? Why did the Supreme Court already shoot any form of censorship in gaming down? You can claim the Constitution is meaningless, but clearly it is not.

They can't ban violent video games without banning violent anything. It can not and will not happen.

The Supreme Court has already proven time and time again that they are going to uphold the First Amendment. If you choose to be paranoid, so be it. I'm not worried.

SilentNegotiator2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

"Just like the Constitution prevented NDAA?"

A judge already blocked the unconstitutional part of that law. Funny thing about the has a few more parts than just congress for JUST such occasions of balancing power. FANCY THAT.

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ElitaStorm2087d ago

crime will increase by 99% lol

ravinash2087d ago

If I can't roam the streets smashing things and killing people in video games.... maybe I'll have to go out side and do that!

scotchmouth2087d ago

Have fun. You only have one guy, no continues or cheats

Qrphe2087d ago

It won't happen; it's a big business. I'm sure the music or film industry would be interested in pushing for this however.

RuleofOne343 2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Won't it affect them as well, like say the domino effect were to occur. Their best interest would be to fight alongside the gaming industry on this matter if it were to take place.

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