Naruto Storm 3: Samurai Naruto in Action

The free pre-order DLC is shown to have moves similar to normal Naruto.

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tayz2079d ago

can't believe he doesn't use his sword!!! he has to use it in his jutsus or it will be a big wtf moment!

Irishguy952079d ago

Why would they bother? This is CC2 here. Fans will eat up anything Naruto related so why would they bother/

tayz2079d ago

lol true. but still make the game more have even more variety!

zerocrossing2079d ago

I agree with you, but it is highly doubtful :/

cero552079d ago

Its sad this day in age developers give the bare minimum.I remember when costumes were unlockable or even had special attributes like using that sword for example.I know things cost more to make now but dam give a dog a bone.

d3nworth12078d ago

How is it that the ad is longer than the trailer?