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Zool 081656d ago

I think its time for me to get a PS3 again

black9111656d ago

Ladies & Gentleman we have our GOTY.

Bathyj1656d ago

To hell with that, Im calling it now, Game of the Generation

Ezz20131656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

i want this game than any thing else this gen
i don't care if it got GOTY awards
i don't care if it got the Game of the Generation
all i care about is getting my hand on this game
and play it untill my hand bleed
just stick it into my veins

and what makes this game is even harder
the freaks if they got you bite and you are dead..ONE DAMN BITE

i also love the way the blood splatter when he was bitten...feel very real

Spinal1656d ago

Well I for one am glad that i've left xbox live for good, got god of war ascension pre-ordered so i'll be enjoying the last of us demo :)

And I look forward to the PS4 reveal and picking one up in 2014 when its released in the UK. PS4 is the only console im getting next gen.

Although PC is still my main for multiplats.

omi25p1656d ago

Looks brilliant, its a shame this is the only game im buying for the ps3 though.

For me GOTY will be either this or GTA V.

@Spinalc0rd what has the 360 got to do with this?

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Peppino71656d ago

Incredible. It just looks so FUN. That's what matters!

badz1491656d ago

but I love ND! I never got to finish Siren or Dead Space (the only 2 horror games I tried!) but Damn ND, it's like you guys are teasing me to get this no matter what!

nintendoland1656d ago

Thanks for laughs kid. Lego City gets that.

SilentNegotiator1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

The gal used a gun? Whew. My concerns about baby-sitting/escorting are gone.

Good one, Emerald-Kaos/Bungie/etc. Your comments are hilarious.....No wait, what I meant was childish, unfunny, and disruptive.

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HammadTheBeast1656d ago

Nail in the coffin for Resident Evil.

charted1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

@black911 & @bathyj

That statement is premature. Especially when GTA V is coming out in the same year.

JenovaXD1656d ago

tied with ni no kuni x.x

Oh_Yeah1656d ago

@badz149 how can you hate survival horror games? -__-

specialguest1656d ago

Before this video, I thought the game was just Uncharted great, but now it's gone beyond that in my opinion.

ajax171656d ago

This or BioShock Infinite. But that's just me though.

Enemy1656d ago

Wow, Naughty Dog. This was so unexpected. I knew it'd get scary but damn, not like that.

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first1NFANTRY1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

@ Zool 08

you don't already have one? shame on you lol jks

it's definitely time to invest in a PS3, even if it's just for this game.

Zool 081656d ago

I previously had 2 Ps3's Fat & Slim unfortunately because of personal circumstances had to sell them :-(, so elts hope third time luck, this and Beyond Two Souls.

aceitman1656d ago

me want now aahhhhhhhhhhhh. that's so awesome chills chills,i haven't had a game give me the creeps like that's since the 1st couple of resident eveil games.

Flavor1656d ago

hmm a third person game where you shoot zombies in a shadowy subway station. With a flashlight.

Gordon freeman looks up from his whiskey and gently shakes his head.

Honestly what is the big deal about this game?

Ezz20131656d ago

why every one is getting tons of disagrees when they say any thing positive about the last of us ?!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Because 2010(alan wake) was the last of 360.

So day mad..

Also what ND will do next gen scares me.

Septic1656d ago

Haha you call that tons of disagrees? Try going into a Halo topic or anything 360 related of interest. You'll not only see people ghost disagreeing but a couple of trolls pop out of the woodwork to have their uninformed opinions greet the comments section.

On topic: This looks like it's in a league of its own. Looks like Sony left the best for last.

omi25p1656d ago

this isnt trolling.
The comments on that are just desperate trolls.
You have nothing to complain about

mamotte1656d ago

It's some kind of tradition here on N4G, you should be glad the "tons of disagrees" isn't that much on PS3 games, as it is on Nintendo/MS games. The hate on people suporting'em is astonishing, and worrying.

I'm not being a fanboy, not supporting and attacking any company or game, it's a fact you can go and see by yourself. Go to a Nintendo new, see someone saying something like "I like the WiiU, having fun with it" and... see. Just see.

On topic: I'm pretty bad for realist games, actually I have a PS3 for games like Disgaea and Nino No kuni... never tried Uncharted. Doesn 't appeal to me. But man, this game looks awesome.

Outside_ofthe_Box1656d ago

You guys need to stop complaining about disagrees. NO ONE IS OBLIGATED TO AGREE WITH A OPINION. It is totally possible for someone to not share your exact thoughts on certain things.

dlpg5851656d ago

i understand, but when someone comments
"i like xyz game, it's not completely dumb"
the disagree's to it seem like their saying

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syrion1656d ago

damn, I'm speechless...
It's better than I expected...
Survival Horror + some rpg element, it' day one for me
whoaa ND already secured my wallet

RuperttheBear1656d ago

Yeah it looks great, can't wait for it. If you're after a survival horror with rpg elements to get you through until then though, and have a gaming pc, I recommend Staker -

Septic1656d ago

I'm watching this on my phone and I'm creeped out!

That throaty scream noise.......I despised that in the Ring and now these guys make that noise! I'm going to move my PS3 into the toilet. Can't afford to clean that many pants.

Blaze9291656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

lol GOTY and "game of the generation" off 2 minutes of 'visual' gameplay...these comments, what a lovely unbiased site.

lls but whatever, looked great. Didn't know this was supposed to have some scary elements to it.

Rainstorm811656d ago

While the game does look great.... A handful of comments hardly speaks for the entire site.....I guess when a game looks good gamers should just say meh...