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Submitted by Ish_Siliconera 1098d ago | news

DmC Devil May Cry Ships 1 Million Copies; Forecast Lowered To 1.2 Million

Capcom have revised their forecast for DmC Devil May Cry down from 2 million to 1.2 million. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Mathew9R   1098d ago | Spam
miyamoto  +   1098d ago
well that is disappointing compared to 2008
phinch  +   1098d ago
Build up a fanbase then shit on it and this is what happens
Vettur  +   1098d ago
If the fanbase had pre-ordered the game, they would have gotten the classic dante skin. I really don't see the problem there since a real fan would do so

In that case i've misunderstood the whole case. I thought it was weird how everybody was angry about the new dante, but changing the gamelay can be pretty bad.
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jimbobwahey  +   1098d ago
The fanbase doesn't care about a classic Dante skin. This crummy reboot has a whole wealth of gameplay problems which is why people aren't touching it, most fans couldn't care less about how Dante looks, they just wanted a good Devil May Cry game which Ninja Theory completely failed to deliver.

Real fans did the right thing, they voted with their wallets and sent a clear message to Capcom that they want real Devil May Cry games, not the garbage that Ninja Theory put out.
phinch  +   1098d ago
It's not just the hair, that doesn't bother me really but even the feel of the game was different
Pozzle  +   1098d ago
People aren't going to buy a $60+ game they're not interested in playing just for a skin though.
Information Minister  +   1097d ago
I see Ninja Theory fans are still clinging on to that "it's the hair" excuse for dear life, while ignoring the true reasons why Devil May Cry fans rejected this game.

Not even all the (undeserved) praise in the world, from the gaming media and their wildly fluctuating standards could save this flop. I'll have a smile on my face for the rest of the week... And it's only Monday!
Sevir  +   1097d ago
lol its funny, because DMC4 sold far less than capcom expected
They lowered their shipments from 4 million to 2... And that game barely edged past the 2 million mark. I guess people and Real Fans didn't get their DMC either... The fact is capcom took the grips people had with DMC4 which was pound for pound a carbon copy of DMC3 which was the highest selling game in the franchise, and since Real fans saw DMC4 and gave a collective meh, even though it was a great game, Capcom chose to reboot it and in my opinion This game takes the best of the franchise and rolls it into an excellent cohesive package. The problem is refused to give this a chance mostly due to the initial cosmetic change and held on to the ire if NT being outspoken.. what will likely happen is if this game doesn't sell better than DMC4 Capcom will can the entire franchise, because the current climate for the hack and slash genre isn't bright, Bayonnetta didn't cross 2 million and these so called hardcore DMC fans hated and mocked that brilliant hack and slash game made by the original DMC creator.

It's a pity DmC isn't being looked at by fans of the series as anything substantial, even though it is a brilliant retelling. Capcom is certain to shelve it, and these "fans" will get NOTHING!
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1098d ago
To be fair there is no evidence that it would of sold more if they had stuck to making a DMC game like the originals.
jimbobwahey  +   1098d ago
Devil May Cry 4 is the fastest selling game in the franchise, as well as the best selling game in the franchise too. Evidence suggests that if they had stuck to the winning formula they would have had another hit on their hands.

They went and screwed up by handing the development of the game to one of the worst studios in the industry, though. It's no surprise that it underperformed.
phinch  +   1098d ago
what jimbob said, also including the size of the install base of ps3/360 owners now it would have only grown in sales
jetlian  +   1098d ago
DMC was also the first to got MP so theres no telling what would have happened!

Maybe dmc 4 left a bad taste in peoples mouth! Same like how people hope the next RE does bad

Maybe they should cancel it them blame fans. I would lmao too. Sick for gamers this gen. Soon dmc fans will be crying like megaman fans
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1098d ago

You can quote older DMC sales all you want but the fact is DMC4 came out 5 years ago.
The economy is completely different and like I said there is no evidence that it would of sold more in this current day.

Edit: By the way this has nothing to do with which games are better I'm just saying the industry has changed quite a lot.
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firelogic  +   1097d ago
Of course there's no guarantee that it would have sold better but the likelihood is astronomically higher. And you're really going to drag in the "economy" argument? The big 3 have sold more games this generation than in any other.

The fact is, Ninja Theory developed games do not sell well. For whatever reason critics seem to love them but the gaming masses do not. Heavenly Sword only sold what it did because there was nothing else to buy on the PS3. Enslaved sold poorly.

Ninja Theory fans just have to accept that their games are mediocre and "good" on the extreme high end.

But let's put your "economy" theory to the test. We can compare DmC's sales vs Metal Gear Rising's. MGR isn't a traditional MGS game and is a spinoff, it's a hack and slash, and it's made by a different developer, so I think the comparison is apt.
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1097d ago
Well the "economy argument" is a very valid argument so I'm not sure why you would pass that off as some kind of myth.
Also maybe the reason the big three sold more games this gen was because gaming has become more popular in general and also this gen has lasted for 6 years.
Still there are no hard facts that more than 2 million people would of bought the new DMC if it was like the original games. Not to mention the game has only been out for a month and 1.2 million isn't exactly a flop.
I know DMC4 sold a lot more in the same time frame but again that was 5 years ago.
Anyway I'm out of bubbles so PM me if anyone wants to carry on the discussion (I am open to all opinions)

edit: @Baka-akaB
I'm not trying to make excuses for DMC under performing I'm just saying the same thing could of happened if it was in the same style as the old games. I could be wrong it might of sold 5 million copies but I doubt that. It's something we will never know, unless the next game goes back to the original team.
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Baka-akaB  +   1097d ago
Games sold at the exact january period just fine last year .

The economy was already bad then and didnt suddenly devolve into some apocalyptic crash only affecting DmC .

And DmC was the ONLY high profile release of the month , or at least its week . Last year had FFXIII-2 , soul Calibur and SSX among other things duking it out .

I'm obviously biased against the game , but i dont see how DmC is a special case then .

"Soon dmc fans will be crying like megaman fans "

Probably , but some of us , even if obviously in huge minority , would rather see a good franchise rest , if better can't be done , than devolving under the threat of cancellation .

Hell to use another example , i'd have seen Shining force dead over what Sega is doing to it right now


Dont worry more of a general statement and petty gloating at some others than aiming you .

The 5 million thing was irrealistic anyway , by any version of devil may cry in the current market .

Only God of War usually pull that by being a big exclusive flagship
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Nerdmaster  +   1097d ago
"Devil May Cry 4 is the fastest selling game in the franchise"? So was Resident Evil 5. And it's common knowledge that it's one of the worst in the series. People bought it because 4 was great, they were disappointed, and less people bought 6 because 5 left a sour taste.

The same is happening to DmC. You say "Devil May Cry 4 was great", but many remember all the backslash the game got when it was released, saying that it was worse than 3. DmC now suffers from the sour taste that 4 left in the mouths of those who played it.

Another funny thing is that after Resident Evil 6 was released, people started to say "5 was really good". The same is happening to DmC.
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Kurylo3d  +   1097d ago
I got laid off few months ago. If i still had a job i would definently buy this dmc on steam. And dmc 4 was fun but the same reused levels the 2nd half and corny as hell villains ruined that one.
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jetlian  +   1097d ago
All these whiners are killing gaming. We dont have many series in the genre to begin with and low sale only gonna limit devs from even thinking about doing anymore.

This the year of hack in slash and I hope people support them so we dont get nothing but tps/fps next gen.

We got DMC,MGR,GOWA,NG:YAIBA, KILLER IS DEAD,bayo 2 and word is NG3Sigma maybe coming.
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Azurite  +   1098d ago
Above my own expectations, glad to see it doing this well.
PS4isKing_82  +   1098d ago
Pathetic sales for a pathetic game.
Time for the bargain bin with it.

$15 in 2 months.
Knushwood Butt  +   1098d ago
So true. Asura's Wrath style.

Raccoon City too.

I see a trend here.
fei-hung  +   1097d ago
Can't wait until it drop to the bargain bin. I want to play this game but I will only purchase it 2nd hand once it hits the bargain bin. Hopefully, that will be soon. If not, no problem. I've got Dead Space 3, MGR:R, GoW:A, TLOU, Castlevania and Beyond to help me get by.
RedDeadLB  +   1098d ago
I hope they don't cancel the franchise, I'd like to see where Ninja Theory could take DMC next. This is a good game people, stop being full of prejudice. It's fucking awesome for me. And yes, I've played the older titles. Everyone should try it.
Hanso  +   1097d ago
LOL no
let the franshise better die or give it back to Itsuno or Platinum Games. Just dont let Ninja Theory at it again they tainted DMC with their mediocre skills
RedDeadLB  +   1097d ago
Whatever, I just can't see the reason people are hating this game so much. Disagree all you want, I'm gonna go enjoy DMC on Son of Sparda difficulty.
Baka-akaB  +   1097d ago
Tired of that argument . Of course you can see why , if you've bothered reading .

Stop pretending it's out of the blue and without reasons .

You just dont agree with those opinions and reasons , wich is obviously ok and your right :p
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MEsoJD  +   1097d ago
God damn this franchise has horrible fans... While there were certain aspects to dmc that I wasn't pleased with compared with previous entries, I still found it to be a better experience overall. I would like to see this reboot continue, but than again I can do without the bitching.
VileAndVicious  +   1097d ago
DmC is an awesome game, but not without its flaws of course. To be completely honest I don't see capcom canceling the entire series over this in fact Im willing to bet DmC2 will still be made. However it remains to be seen whether or not NT will be a part of it. However i think what will happen if a sequel is done is Capcom will probably address many of the complaints about the current DmC such as difficulty, lock on and a flashier Dante.

Regardless of how well the game has sold Ive enjoyed it a lot (just as i have vanquish, valkyria chronicles and catherine.) DmC is a much better game than the lazy DMC4. Not sure when gamers stopped being gamers and became sales analysts.
bayonetta  +   1098d ago
hmm means the game didn't sell well
Imalwaysright  +   1098d ago
I guess its time for Ninja Theory to start blaming someone for the poor sales.
Ultr  +   1097d ago
like always, and still, Heavenly Sword, the one with sony is their biggest success.
Knushwood Butt  +   1098d ago
Killing a franchise is hardly going to look good on NT's resume.

I wonder if they have another gig lined up.
Jadedz  +   1097d ago
I would've bought it on the Wii U
Just saying... I would've! :P
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MasterCornholio  +   1097d ago
wow 1.2 million over 3 platforms thats even worse than the PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword which sold 1.57 million copies.
Knushwood Butt  +   1097d ago
Oh the irony.
Baka-akaB  +   1097d ago
it's way worse than that , it didnt even sold 1 million yet . Enslaved had 1 million shipping too , yet isnt even breaking that number .
BigBoss1964  +   1097d ago | Well said
I knew this game would flop not because it suck's but because of Tameem's disgusting attitude towards the fan's who love the series, I hope Crapcom has learned a valuable lesson
Baka-akaB  +   1097d ago
Let the excuses and blame game from NT and fans begins . Rofl , i even see in siliconera comments one of the biased mods pretending this is a victory for NT .

Yeah i'm petty that way , and after all didnt the die hard pro DmC have their field day with the mostly positive review scores ? Now we are having ours with what truly matter in this case : sales
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kwyjibo  +   1097d ago
Preferring sales over quality, the N4G way.

Can't wait for the next VGChartz story - it's all about who's in third place!
Gohadouken  +   1097d ago
Nice try . The bro never felt the game is good and was quite clear about it . Why shouldnt he rejoice at it failing if he clearly dont want that version to stick around ?

Fans of the game were clearly hoping for a positive result in sales , as they already had the whole media at their side . And now suddenly sales dont matter ?
kwyjibo  +   1097d ago
I think the fans of the game are happy enough about the game that they've become fans.

"The die hard pro DmC have their field day mostly positive review scores"

"we are having ours with what truly matter in this case : sales"

I don't think any version will be sticking around. This is what you are celebrating, bro.
zealot_x  +   1097d ago
TemplarDante  +   1097d ago
Hey new Dante...
"F***K YOU!"
suck on that, Tameem.
Mock the fans.
You promised 5Millions sales to Crapcom, now LMAO at that interview you said that.
Hanso  +   1097d ago
i am so proud of our DMC fanbase well done people
thank you for voting with your wallets ^_^
zerocrossing  +   1097d ago

I'm suprised actually, this is one of the most succesfull video game protests to date! and it cost us all nothing :D
MaideninBlack  +   1097d ago
Devil May Cry fans shall never surrender!
kesvalk  +   1097d ago
90% of n4g called it...
zerocrossing  +   1097d ago

Im pointing out we were all right to begin with, the defenders hadn't got a clue what the problem was from the start and just wanted to stick up for NT because they thought they were a small dev team, that was only getting flack for changing the games style and Dante's hair.

The rest of us saw it for what it was... The butchering for the sake of casualisation of one of our beloved franchise
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tiffac008  +   1097d ago
You know if NT wasn't so insensitive to the outcry of the fanbase and actually tried to reach out instead of being combative, they could have won a lot of the fanbase over and I think that show of arrogance is the real reason for a lot of the fanbase being put off by this game.

So instead of growing the fanbase they actually did the opposite. This was a total PR disaster.
#17.2 (Edited 1097d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
zerocrossing  +   1097d ago
You know I completely agree with you there.

If not for the arrogance and insults coming from NT, a lot of the core fanbase that were still on the fence about gettng Dmc may have purchased it.
Redempteur  +   1097d ago
In other news the demand for Devil may cry Hd collection is rising on amazon ...

if that's not a sign ...
Baka-akaB  +   1097d ago
Hell might even be a good time to re-release/print DMC 4 ... just saying
chukamachine  +   1097d ago
Must ask people.

What is it you hate about it.

DMC4 felt like res evil. 3d characters will 2d backdrops.

This game has better bosses, better fighting, better animations. But you girls cry for silver hair, rofl.
Redempteur  +   1097d ago
No no the boss fights are horrible , you're cut every 2 sec by a small cutscene.
There is no flow to the boss fights. The final boss fight is a total joke when you compare to the DMC3 version.

The animation lack polish.
It's at best "above average".The morphing environnement is a nice tech but i don't play DMC for platforming.

And how can it have better fighting when you don't have a lock-on ? it's extra annoying to fight and the game always target the worst ennemy.
Seriously how can you compare this game to DMC4 that had "style switching" and taunts !
Where the heck are my taunts ?
#19.1 (Edited 1097d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Gohadouken  +   1097d ago
Nah you dont really want to ask , you already know the answer wich is us disagreeing with everything listed there .

But you'd rather keep crying wolf over braids , hairpins and what not , "like a girl"
Flatbattery  +   1097d ago
Dante's new personality, juvenile script, missing game mechanics, too easy, Tameem's attitude and in game jokes mocking every fan of the original franchise.

I could go on, but you get the point that it has absolutely zero to do with hair colour.
Xklaw  +   1097d ago
Don´t forget standard contents like the bloody palace is now dlc, another bad decision from them.
People dont mind because it´s free DLC, when it shouldn´t even been a dlc at all. Less quality/content for too much money.
#19.3.1 (Edited 1097d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
oriononer  +   1097d ago
Welcome to 'How to Thoroughly Muck up a Reboot 101'. I am your professor Mr. Antonaides. In this class we will extensively explore the many different ways you can take a beloved franchise, preferably a genre definer, and use it for your own self serious, pretentious noodling and mediocre gameplay and design. In addition, we will cover the importance of waving your arrogant bums in the fanbase's general direction. All of this will ensure that your reboot succeeds in meeting upwards of one fifth of its original projections. Class is now in session.
zerocrossing  +   1097d ago
You forgot about changing the hair! that's the most important part.../s
MEsoJD  +   1097d ago
#20.1.1 (Edited 1097d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
MEsoJD  +   1097d ago
If the new dmc was more of the same as Devil May Cry 4(repetitive as hell/weak story) I would have been out. The series needed a reboot and new take. It was far from a bad game... It was actually good. Get the fuck over it. :D
oriononer  +   1097d ago
MEsoJD  +   1097d ago
yes :3
oriononer  +   1097d ago
Hmmmm. I can see we've made a lot of progress here. This has been a valuable and constructive exchange for me. I thank you good sir. X D
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1097d ago
dont expect to see any form of DMC for awhile ppls hate just ruined it for everyone.
Baka-akaB  +   1097d ago
We were hardly starving for a DMC game to the point of accepting whatever comes our way 3 years later .

Blackmail and "franchise death threat" dont work . Almost every time people cave in and accepting a "wrong" direction for the sake of keeping a franchise alive , they end up stuck with said "wrong" direction , as it cements and validates it .

And who are we kidding , it's Capcom . They have an opportunity of coming back with the old style DMC at some point , and be praised for it ... instead of actually innovating within the formula .

And if it's dead ?

Then at least it stopped getting worse while NT fans can just enjoy whatever they do every other games they will release
#21.1 (Edited 1097d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
kesvalk  +   1097d ago
what i think it's absurd is how Ninja Theory and Capcom really thought this would really work.

who in it's sane mind think this is a good way to boost the sales?

it's like they are not even trying.
monkeyfox  +   1097d ago
Have played new DMC all the way through now and really enjoyed it.. Capcom obviously wanted a reboot and DIDNT want the original team working on it for a reason.. Because it was getting STALE.. In my opinion Ninja Theory have done a great job.. wish people would stop whining on..
NaAsAr  +   1097d ago
i have to agree with you. i played through the entire game. i think NT did a good job. while at the sametime, it feels as though this was not necessarily a true dmc game but a good ninja theory hack and slash game.
elda  +   1097d ago
@monkeyfox....totally agreed..I played all DMC & I also thought the last one was boring & stale,the new DmC is a reboot & I get the fact that things aren't going to be exactly the same I'm on mission 14 & I'm really enjoying the game,I think NT did a good job.
timeon11111111111  +   1097d ago
"Ninja theory did a great job"?

1) DMC gameplay, the gameplay you see in DmC was written in stone way before Ninja theory was told to make DmC.

The GAMEPLAY existed before Ninja theory came along.

2) Capcom helped Ninja theory to produce the gameplay on Unreal Engine.

So how exactly is it right to credit Ninja theory for gameplay that was made by others over 6 years ago? Also knowing Capcom helped Ninja theory.

No...what you should say is "Capcom did a great job".
Capcom as company created and evolved the gameplay of DMC.

They even helped with DmC's gameplay despite their role was to "supervice" it.

People saying "Ninja theory did a great job"
And "Ninja theory sold a million DmC copies? NICE achivement" are fucken delusional.

The biggest contribution i see that Ninja theory brought to the DMC gameplay formula is the detailed enviroments (stages/levels).

And thats it.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1097d ago
Good, now give it back to the "real" DMC team with Itsuno in it. Arrogant Ninja Theory should've never touched this franchise.
BigBoss1964  +   1097d ago
Can I just say that I'm proud of the DMC fanbase for speaking with their wallets, the positive reviews who btw failed to to call out the games many flaws (like the awful writing) couldn't save this abomination, Their lucky they released it far away from God of War or it could have been much worse
aiBreeze  +   1097d ago
One small victory for gamers.. hopefully the new Gears of War follows a similar story and makes epic reconsider the changes for future titles.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   1097d ago
first sells were expected to hit 4 mil, then 2 mil, now its 1.2 mil, lmao,see this is what happens when you trash talk an entire community and completly downgrade and disrespect the franchise your working on, take care ninja theory.
TemplarDante  +   1097d ago
My DMC brethren, I thank you. Every single one of you for this. We kept to our word, spoke with our wallets.
Now.. Crapcom, how many years did you pay NT to make this 7hr long garbage?
They turned around and spent your dollars on PR, Hype and fake reviews son. Crapcom got played lmao.
hano  +   1097d ago
Too bad. DMC is much better than I think Capcom will devolve the franchise to try and sell more now.
GenoZStriker  +   1097d ago
Eh. Saw this coming from a mile away and honestly, who here isn't surprised that this game is bombing? The combination of a poor first impression, very poor PR, poor marketing and essentially being a game that no one asked for, the sales are expected. Capcom and especially Ninja Theory were too cocky with the fact that this game carried the Devil May Cry name and that despite it potentially not being perceived well by fans of the old franchise that the casual audience still might buy.

Then it was them playing the "it's a reboot" card while still forcing comparison with the previous iteration but then hiding behind the fact that it's a reboot when they were called out on things. It doesn't matter how good your product is. If your first impressions are bad, piss off consumers and they don't want it or care for it, they won't buy it.
#30 (Edited 1097d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
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