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Fan Frenzy Explodes in the Final Days before EA Launches Dead Space 3

Fan Frenzy Explodes in the Final Days before EA Launches Dead Space 3. (Dead Space 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Root  +   690d ago
I hope it fails...it will show EA not to ruin franchises longterm
Zefros  +   690d ago
Wait before tha game has released, maybe it's still hope, because some of the previews i have been reading says it's still a dead space game.
Root  +   690d ago
Reviews said Ff13 was still a FF game
RE5 still horror game
Dmc still a DMC game

Fact is they were wrong, they'd say anything if it means being on good terms with EA
DeadSpaced  +   690d ago
So, if it's a good game that EA didn't ruin, you want it to fail?
Root  +   690d ago
Look I get it your a massive dead space fan, username gives it away but it could be the best action game ever and it wouldnt be god because that's not what the game is about.

I really wish people would stop saying dont judge before it comes out because its a BS excuse, ive seen enough and played the dmo enough times to realise EA has ruined another franchise for a bigger audience, if you support that they will keep on doing it, same goes with Capcom
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DeadSpaced  +   690d ago

Actually, it's not a BS excuse. I absolutely HATE that EA probably pushed DS to advertise all the action parts. But if it's action only a fraction of the time, then is it a bad thing? Probably not. The action should be similar to DS2.

And here's something we all can be thankful for. I heard that you could count all the human fights on one hand.
Convas  +   690d ago
I wish Root would stop being so salty and peppering every damn Dead Space topic with his crap.

phantomexe  +   690d ago
agreed but you got to like the guy. I follow him even tho i disagree with him more then agree
MikeMyers  +   690d ago
That's the problem. It isn't just having an opinion because his opinion is quite valid if indeed Dead Space 3 goes in a more action-oriented direction and less about solitude and creepiness. The problem is he is a professional poster meaning he will keep posting all day every day to make sure his opinion is heard.

That's why he goes from voicing his opinion to having an agenda. Two entirely different things and is actually spamming.
Root  +   690d ago
Mike all you do is bash anyones commenta that diffee from yours anyway, at least with most peoole thy can offer there own opinions but you just got into an argument with personal attacks an immatuity because you cnt stand people having a differnt opinion to you

Look at most of your coments they are nearly all directed at me in some form depite not engaging you for your differnt opinions

Your a hypocrite

I mean look at Phantomexe above, we dont agree on everything but at least he's mature enough to let others have their opinions, how many people did you attack on dmx articles when they didnt attack you
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MikeMyers  +   690d ago
"Mike all you do is bash anyones commenta that diffee from yours anyway"

That's not true at all and embellishing the truth doesn't make you look any better.

"personal attacks an immatuity because you cnt stand people having a differnt opinion to you"

That's not an attack, it's factual. You are going into every article about this game. Whether it's about previews, reviews or about the fanbase. So yes, you ARE flooding the forums with your views. This isn't about some random member who posts here and there, it's about you who's on a mission.

"Look at most of your coments they are nearly all directed at me in some form depite not engaging you for your differnt opinions

Your a hypocrite"

Of course they are directed at you because you're in every article. You can't go into a Dead Space 3 topic without you there saying the same thing. You did the same with DMC and will likely continue this bantering for Tomb Raider.

Tell me, how mature is it to think all favorable reviews are part of a conspiracy? That is what you thought about the high scores for DMC. Tell me, how hypocritical can one person be when you bash me for thinking I'm being personal with you and bashing your opinion only to see you say to anyone that likes Dead Space 3 that they must work for EA or are a PR person for EA?

Is that maturity? Is that being hypocritical on your part?

So don't think for a second you're going to get off that easy. If you want to be out there then be prepared to be called on it.
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Root  +   690d ago
Free country Convas
IIC0mPLeXII  +   690d ago
I just hope EA didn't totally make the franchise hollow with this outing. I still love the universe and lore, we will see tomorrow.
MattS  +   690d ago
Holy crap. This is a direct, word-for-word copy and paste of the press release that EA issued today.

Can I just point out that copy and pasting PR releases is the very definition of bad journalism.

Just thought everyone has a right to know this.
FunAndGun  +   690d ago
but but, all the previews are positive!

Its not like they just took what EA said and made an article convincing people it is good. /s

Previews are nothing more then mouthpieces from the Publisher.
linkenski  +   690d ago
Of course it will feel like a Dead Space game, but a different kind of Dead Space game to say the least.

I'm sure it's the same as comparing Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3, when you compare this game to its predecessors.

It even has the exact same evolvement of the combat as the Mass Effect franchise, because as opposed to just walking and gunning - clumsily but fit for a horror game - you can now do combat rolls in all directions and upgrade your weapons to a farther extent.

It's simply Dead Space with more action. I can relate to the fans who feel cheated already, but critics might prove me wrong in this.
nikrel  +   690d ago
I think this is a progression of the series as i've stated before. This is Issac Clark's third game, he is no longer a noob nor is he on a ship in solitude. The game can be more jumpy but it's going to be hard to give that survival horror feel when the guy IS a bad ass and has done this two times already, I just do not see how people do not comprehend this.

Creepy atmosphere is fine, but down right horror common people open your eyes.
FunAndGun  +   690d ago
So is it safe to say Issac will bring an army with him next time? Should we expect squad commands in Dead Space 4?
nikrel  +   690d ago
Sure why not! If it works, it works. Purple dildo swords will not work tho sorry.
ShaunCameron  +   690d ago
And that's the thing. Things can be scary for only so long for the main character that eventually they'll no longer scare him as he gains more experience.

EA didn't do anything but evolve the franchise. All the whining is just yet another case of a lot of fans refusing to let go of the first DS.
Topshelfcheese  +   690d ago
Has anyone even considered the possibility that the story supports this more action oriented approach. The first game you find out about the spire, the second you learn more about the cult, the third you are going against the humans who are running the cult.

Going against human opponents alone supports action over horror. And yes you still fight necromorphs and when the first one popped out of the snow it made me jump a little.

The fact is the game will have both aspects. There's only so many floating ghosts ships in space that you can explore before you have to continue the story line.

The people complaining need to deal with it or not buy it. I'm going to enjoy the game for what it is, and not be sour for what I thought it should be. Go design and develop your own game if you think your idea's are that good...

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