The Last of Us: 28 new screenshots and concept art reveal the Infected writes:

"PSU's The Last of Us blowout - including hands-on impressions, Infected details, and developer quotes - continues with a massive update to our game image database."

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miyamoto1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )


Two AI NPCs: Tess & Ellie vs Runners and Clickers

This is gonna be one helluva game!

Happy Birthday to me

g-nome1750d ago

In Naughty Dog we trust.

Bathyj1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

May 7th? Me too. :)

Might have that day off work.

r211750d ago

My first emotion for the infected was excitement. Now i am freaked out and scared. I hope they sound as scary as they look.

BigStef711750d ago

Don't even try to compare that garbage series to this masterpiece

miyamoto1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Awesome yewles1. thanks

Asians saw it first?

mind blown!

RE and Dead Space better watch their backs

here's mine

Gangnam Style!

insomnium21750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Bubble for helpfull! Can this game get any better? It would be best to avoid every video from here on until launch to prevent spoiling. I've seen enough and this game is a day one for sure.

Bathyj1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Holy crap, that clicking sound would give me nightmares if I wasnt so damn macho and hansom.

I love how going into the inventory doesnt pause the game. Brings such a sense of urgency to it.

Plus the torch (what Australias call a flashlight) is unbelievable. Remember that bit in I am Legend in the dark when all he could hear was his own breathing. This game is going to be on another level.

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The story is too old to be commented.