Is Sixaxis a white elephant?

Just in case you're not familiar with the phrase, a White Elephant is something that is more trouble and more expensive than its worth and therefore a liability. Sound familiar? Welcome to our 15 month appraisal of Sixaxis - PlayStation 3's controversial motion-sensitive controller.

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Nostradamus3942d ago

I leave it on in Ratchet and Uncharted.

You cant play a whole game with it, but minigames are cool to use it.

Look at how Lair turned out, thats a perfect example of using it too much. And forcing you to use it. The option to turn it off is really needed in games.

hazeblaze3942d ago

I love using it for the Warhawks, it just sucks for the ground vehicles... so I started just leaving it off. Either way, it's definitely not a liability but very few games have made good use of it.

Heavenly Sword, Flow, & NBA 2K8 have my favorite implementations of it... and I'm looking forward to seeing how devs put it to use in the future. Also, I kind of think having to shake the controller when being attacked, in games like Resistance, is more engaging than rumble... it feels like a really natural response & I couldn't imagine not shaking the controller now :-)

xplosneer3942d ago

I think I read somewhere that 1.3 allows Sixaxis for individual vehicles...maybe that was 1.2? IDK.

Real Gambler3942d ago

They are saying that the sixaxis motion is bad: "that is more trouble and more expensive than its worth "

Yet, the sixaxis comes with internal rechargeable battery. So basically, it's still the cheapest controller around, since a 360 with rechargeable battery pack (or Wii-Nunchuck) cost more. So what is wrong with having more technology, for cheaper, particularly when you can turn it off in most game if you don't like it?

And yes, it's also proven... Flow is awesome, a quite a few other games use it pretty well too...

jmare3942d ago

Read the article. The devs questioned had generally positive things to say about the sixaxis, which is why I posted the article. Gamesradar is the only negative input in this article.

gonzopia3942d ago

The SIXAXIS is a great feature of the controller... I love using it in Warhawk for flying (turn it off for ground though) and I loved it in Heavenly Sword for directing arrows. It's also got some pretty cool uses in Uncharted. I think that as more developers become accustomed to the development process of the PS3, we'll start seeing more developers using the SIXAXIS in interesting ways. my opinion, it's one of the great features that separate the PS3 from the 360.

Harry1903942d ago

the problem is not with the controller,it's
with like it or you don' can switch it off.
a bad workman always blames his tools.

Seraphim3942d ago

It's added a nice touch to some trivial elements of games while at the same time allowing developers to do some different things in games. Trivial touches such as walking across logs in Uncharted or uses Ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma were nice touches imho. While archery and throwing in Heavenly Sword and total use in Flow were amongst the new things offered by SixAxis. I have an import DS3 so I get the best of both worlds. But SixAxis is a great feature imo and certainly not a White Elephant...

I think part of the problem is it's implementation in some games. Just like rumble developers need to utilize for and in the proper places for it be a good thing. Some with undoubtably disagree when I say often rumble is misused in games but imo it is from time to time. So I think part of it is just finding the right implementations for using SixAxis and making sure they work properly when a developer is placing it in a game... Certainly some gamers will remain narrow minded and not want to use it, or it might not be their preference to but it's certainly a great addition to the controller. But some things just don't work and/or aren't a good idea for using it and once developers realize this and start using it properly more gamers will see it adds a nice touch to gaming and some games...

nix3942d ago

in uncharted, it was hardly used properly. i don't use it in burnout. q:

but i think it's a cool feature!!!

Shankle3942d ago

I love it in motorstorm. You just have to make sure you're in first person view, and it works beautifully.

And COD 3 used it brilliantly as a melee attack.

MikeGdaGod3942d ago

i think its all about how they use it. either way, i'd rather have it and have the option to turn it off, than not have it and wonder what it would be like. i liked it the most in Heavenly Sword and Resistance.

i like both worlds so i imported a DS3. best controller EVER.

Qbanboi3942d ago

So nobody played Folklore? They used it on it alot. And it really good use. I mean, everytime you suck out the soul of those little sh!t. You feel like god.

Real Gambler3942d ago

But the highlight of this article is basically implying that the sixaxis has extra "costly" hardware not needed. It's not the extra $1 or less, for the motion sensitive chip, that should deter people from buying a controller that is cheaper than the ones on other consoles! This highlight make reader feel like the sixaxis is overly expensive, because of one small chip that add so much to games, when used properly. It's just the negative aspect of the "news" and the highlight that tick me off a little. If the title would have been: "The sixaxis is not a white elephant!" OR "For $0.50 more, the sixaxis pack awesome technology that is great for some games", I'm sure it would have came across better than "Is Sixaxis more trouble and more expensive than its worth and therefore a liability."

So sorry if I wanted to make sure that if people don't read the article, at least they know that the sixaxis is NOT a white elephant. Just my humble opinion. Nothing against you if you're the poster.

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Brian52473942d ago

BUT, hopefully a few games could make for good use of it somehow in the future.

DemiseofPandas3942d ago

I think Folklore made fantastic use of it, it felt so much like a natural part of the game, and really enhanced the experience.

games4fun3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

i forgot folklore that game did very well and made what would have been boring into a whole new game mechanic

disagree? why i was just saying instead of automatically getting a soul or using the analogue stick which would have been boring the sixaxis made it fun

w22shadow3942d ago

God of War 3 will have everyone singing a different tune about tilt. You watch.

games4fun3942d ago

but i play warhawk exclusively using this feature, also in uncharted when he balances on the logs or in ratchet where you fly its well placed, which is the reason why its so good. if developers would put it in places where it seems natural then it is great but if they put it in and force the issue then if fails.

Bill Gates3942d ago

You forgot to mention Heavenly Sword with the cannon balls and arrows.

Snukadaman3942d ago

I expected some little kid behind this nickname...what a big surprise after seeing your are about what..24-25?

BLUR1113942d ago

nah he's some dork that spams this site and is obsessed with baboons and ape's.and sony fanboys love him, what great ppl to like a person like that. what a great country we live in... sigh..

BrianC62343942d ago

I agree with Bill Gates. Heavenly Sword has great Sixaxis controls. It's one of the best examples of using Sixaxis. I think more developers need to look at what they did in the game. I don't think we need motion controls in every game. There are times when it's nice. I don't like it for driving a car but an airplane can use it.

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niall773942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

.. just dont build your game around it (lair)

resistance and Uncharted use it well IMO

EZCheez3942d ago

I think it's great for PSN games (HVB is awesome), but I'm just not a fan of motion sensing.

After a long days work, the last thing I want to do is wave around my controller like a maniac. Sometimes after work all I have the energy to do is move my thumbs.

Just my opinion though. I know a lot of people love it, but from a hard working guys standpoint, it's really the last thing I want from my PS3.

funkysolo3942d ago

I have used it on alot of minnie games, it's cool otherwise we would have a separate accessories for PSN games. I like it and I hope they continue to use it like Resistance, Uncharted, Heavenly sword, RandC. I just hope they don't use it like Lair. I don't mind using it for flying the dragon, but special moves made the sixaxis perform crappy. If lair would of used it for up, down, right and left movements it would of work fine. I just hate the special moves that killed for me but I didn't mind navigating the dragon at all. The camera was horrible as well, I played it about 8 hours and enjoyed it until the camera became unbearable....