PlayStation 4 Should Focus on Innovation, Not Power

Tynan Muddle at writes: "Sony need to focus less on sheer power for PlayStation 4 and more on groundbreaking features if they want to recapture their former glory."

When PlayStation 2 was released onto the world back in 2000, it captured the worlds imagination not because of its power, but because of its revolutionary features. DVD playback, digital sound and connecting to the internet in a relatively easy way were the hallmarks of what is still one of the most popular consoles of all time."

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smashcrashbash2088d ago

*rolls eyes*. Yeah because Nintendo and Microsoft were really innovative this gen unlike Sony. What did they do again? A wag stick that got old really fast and a camera that got old even faster? Can I ask why people are always scolding Sony about being innovative when it was them that tried to make their system into a multimedia device long before everyone else pulled their heads out of the sand and decided to do it too. What was it people said then? 'Sony should concentrate on games and not a whole bunch of features because people want GAME CONSOLES and nothing else?'Sorry to burst your bubble but the 360 and Wii had less features then the PS3 did at the beginning.Lets not pretend that they didn't. It was Sony that made a built in interactive world for people to play around in, a first for a console.Sony never concentrated only on the PS3's power.And they won't with the PS4 either.

Zodiac2088d ago

Yeah because Nintendo and Microsoft were really innovative this gen unlike Sony. What did they do again? A wag stick that got old really fast and a camera that got old even faster?

Innovation is innovation. It doesn't matter how long it lasts or if people even like it. It's innovative by definition.

I agree with the rest of your post. I think PS Home is a very innovative feature that should be explored more by Sony for the ps4, but the Wii and Ds themselves, as well as the Kinnect were huge steps outside each companies comfort zone.

It's not that Sony wasn't innovative at all this gen, but they did not innovate to the level of Nintendo and Microsoft. Some like that and some don't.

Dylila2088d ago

innovate like the wii u? i want power and games not worst control scheme that makes your hands hurt and distract from game.

nothing is wrong with traditional controllers and im fine with it. also there isnt a thing wrong with having a lot of power. since im a gamer and its my hobby im willing to pay for quality.

Elwenil2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Innovating is rolling the dice. It can go good or bad. Look at the Wii, it was innovative and it reached new audiences as a result. Kinect and Move were innovative but were not accepted by the 360's and the Ps3's gamers and were basically rejected. Even Sony's 3D seems to be forgotten now. The WiiU's controller is innovative, but so far looks like it's 50/50 if it's going to be accepted by players. If the players don't accept it and love it, the developers will not use it and so it gets left behind. If you innovate, you can win or lose depending on more variables than I care to count. If you play it safe, you may be left behind by an innovative competitor. Personally for this next gen coming in, I hope they all play it a bit conservative. Just give us raw power in the systems and solid games that we all want. Innovation that works and is accepted is like hitting one out of the park, but the chances of that happening are very slim.

So are we really starving for innovation? Do we want something new or do we really just want gaming that we are familiar and comfortable with that's just bigger, faster, better looking, etc? Innovation is great and I'm sure there are mind-blowing innovations in the future that will change gaming as we know it, but is that what we want now? It's a gamble either way.

Norrison2088d ago

Wii, Kinect and move were welcomed by their target audiences, not core gamers
Sony's 3D wasn't innovative, 3D gaming was around before that.

An innovative project that fails can lead to an innovative project that succeeds.

Eyeco2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Just to add to what Smashcrashgrab's well said comment ,the word innovation has been thrown about allot this gen, for example people seem to forget that innovation does NOT mean improvement, the wii mote was a different way of playing games but it was never a better way of playing games hence why most 3rd party devs essentialy shunned the wii this gen, in favor of the ps3/360.

At best the Wii mote just worked, at best the controls were just responsive ,nothing more at worst the games were pretty much unplayable,I mean the best game on the console is arguably Mario Galaxy did the Wii's so called 'innovative' controls really benefit that game by that much ? it would have played just as well with a traditional controller , there's a reason why the controller isn't held in high regard in 2013 especially when you compare it to raves of 2006. Innovation is great dont get me wrong ,that said its also somewhat overrated based on the fact that it doesn't always mean better

scofios2088d ago


What inovation did Microsoft agian ??
Please don't tell me it's that media overblown eyetoy kinect.

nintendoland2088d ago


But dualshock controller sucks

Army_of_Darkness2088d ago

If you don't want more power, don't buy a PS4 and just stick to that "innovative" console called the wiiU. Have fun with that;-)

Zodiac2088d ago

@ army of darkness. Never said anything about the PS4 or the Wii U. I was talking about innovation and who did it bigger.

You somehow turned that into a hate message against the PS4 and my love for the Wii U?

could you explain your reasoning for that?

aCasualGamer2088d ago

Power is needed, that will lead to innovation from devs. Provide options like PSMove and the right power and devs will make of it a great experience.

But never try to force what you consider to be innovation, as a hardware manufacturer it's really difficult to know what innovation will be like in the coming 5-6 years. Nintendo were super lucky that Wiisports worked the way it did. If it weren't for those live presentations of wii sports tennis... Wii would never have sold that amount.

So either be really lucky and nail the jackpot or don't try to force innovation through hardware.

Instead, focuse on games and power. This is what Sony has done for the last couple of console releases and it has worked well.

Perjoss2088d ago

"What inovation did Microsoft agian ??"

1. Achievements (which Sony, Valve & Blizzard 3 of the biggest names in gaming totally copied)

2. Front end UI accessible anytime by pressing the xbox button (again, Sony totally copied this with a patch that came later on)

I'm just saying.

2088d ago
Eyeco2087d ago

those aren't Innovations, I'm sorry, 1st of all achievements have been in gaming for years ,all microsoft did was intergrate it into XBL, but the real question is do achievements really benefit gaming that much to be considered an "innovation" lol not really some people see it as one of the worst things to happen to console gaming in recent years

Home button, thats not much of an innovation , console gaming would be fine without it, but wait a minute didn't the PSP originally have a home button. Again innovation is a word that gets thrown about allot this gen

SilentNegotiator2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

The problem is that pubs/devs aren't asking for "innovation" (the wiimote and Kinect benefited a very limited group of pubs/devs)....they're ASKING for MORE POWER. RUH RUH RUH RUH!! (lol, references)

DICE, Epic Games, EA, etc, etc, etc have been constantly whining about console limitations for 2-3 years now.

They want to make bigger, better games. They don't care about a touchscreen, camera, motion, etc.

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profgerbik2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Yea that is a load of crap they were also the first people to ever try getting their handheld to actually have real integration between their console and they did just that. This goes as far back as the PS1 which I am sure most people didn't know.

Nintendo tried to do the same with the Wii U only to make a comment later about how they now want to have better integration between their handheld and console. What after they saw that the PS Vita and PS3 were already pushing the same ideas before?

I am not saying Nintendo has never done anything innovative but to sit there and act like Sony has never focused on innovation when they are the most innovative out of all the three to me in terms of really pushing systems towards the future is crazy.

Microsoft is by far the least innovative but they came out last and it will always be seen that way. I am not going to crap on people for copying ideas or trying to make them better, every single company in the world does this, every single person in the world builds on others ideas.

Hell everyone is still building off Einstein's E=Mc2 and people are still using Nikola Tesla's ideas even to this day simply improving upon them.

Still in terms of who has brought the most innovative ideas to light for me with gaming, it would have to be Sega and Sony. Don't even get me started on the Dreamcast, it is highly underrated and about all the features used in the Dreamcast people use heavily today.

badz1492088d ago

NOT telling HUGE corporations on how to design their next machines!

Power should be the number 1 focus IMO! you know why? with power, comes the room for innovations! with less power, it's not that you can't innovate but you will have less room to work with and many times you can't go on even if you want to due to lack of power! and with the lack of power, comes restrictions and with restrictions, you have to cut corners and that's almost always NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Ezz20132088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

very well said ,
i look at it this way
the media was bashing sony and said
"where are the games...who need blue-ray...psn suck"

yet every year since ps3 launch sony have been proving them wrong on every thing they said
the keep bring more quality games and new ip's
and as you can see 2013 is not different and i don't see that stopping anytime soon with ps3 along with ps4

blue-ray is indeed needed
how many times 3rd party dev come out and said they had to cut things out of games because the xbox360 DVD size

psn have been improved greatly and offer ALMOST everything live offer for free
and ps+ many now see it as the best online sevise in term of value

sony keep prove those "gaming media" wrong...and yet they are still coming after sony till this day


showtimefolks2088d ago


Thing is only Sony has to while others aren't held to same standards.

Like when ps3 started psn was bad and everyone was pissed now Nintendo is offering a bad service yet people are saying its gonna take time. What Nintendo didn't learn anything from Microsoft or Sony?

As far as I am concerned if Sony keeps delivering exclusive content I will support them. Now here is a company doing something other than 3-4 franchises again and again by Nintendo and Microsoft. The last great new IP from Nintendo was pikmin but everyone is ok with another Mario,Zelda,halo,gears,forza

Oh no but if there is anther god of war or uncharted game than Sony isn't doing new things. Give me a damn break

American gaming media is so bIasad it's not even funny. Nintendo gets a free pass because that's Nintendo and they are everyone's little darling who could do no wrong. MS gets a free pass because well its an American company

Paid xblive

Every other year where are the games? They can show crappy dance games or kinect games at E3 and media will make a case for them and say they won the E3 because MS offered them free consoles.


MacDonagh2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

"Nintendo gets a free pass because that's Nintendo and they are everyone's little darling who could do no wrong."

I've seen plenty of anti-Nintendo articles from various news outlets over the years.

You should check out NeoGaf. They really love Nintendo over there.

solar2088d ago

someone please tell me what's so innovative about the ps3? blue tooth? ive found nothing innovative with my ps3.

Aceman182088d ago

the same can be said of the 360 there's nothing innovative about it either.

to be honest other than the novelty of motion controls neither of the big 3 had anything super innovative this gen.

aceitman2088d ago

The wii u is innovating with the wiiu tablet, right now it's not doing good . If Sony steps up a few noches with what they have now and step up bigger with the games which I now they will it can get back to the ps2 gaming days. And I have a wii u its ok , I'm not to sure if I going to keep it if Nintendo doesn't step up on the games.

chukamachine2088d ago

Stop talking sense on this site. do you hear me. It is forbidden!

More power, better a.i, better destruction, hgher quality textures,models.

erm, yeah i'll take the power.

Septic2088d ago

I can't believe people agree with your post.

Nintendo didn't innovate? The motion controller was a HUGE innovation in itself. Why did Sony then do a last minute botch job that was the SixAxis? Sony sure innovated there right?

Microsoft didn't innovate? What about the achievement system that Sony then copied and called the Trophy system? Sony innovated there? What about cross game chat and a proper online interface that, in its original form 7 years ago, still is superior to PSN's functionality.

Lumbering in a blu ray drive isn't really innovation.

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bothebo2088d ago

So should we have less power in next generation consoles? It's funny because the idea of less power in a computer and innovation directly contradict one another.

BitbyDeath2088d ago

More power will lead to innovation in games.
What's more important than that?

AznGaara2088d ago

You are right. We got Kinect cause of the advancements in tech, otherwise we'd be stuck with the EyeToy. The WiiU is able to stream to the gamepad cause it has more power than the Wii. The list goes on.

clearelite2088d ago

As long as AAA dev costs are reasonable and it is low budget/indy friendly, I welcome more power.

It will likely be powerful enough to run Battlefield 4 and Planetside 2 quite well.

Gaming_Guru2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

You beat me to it we are where we are because hardware is getting better. I think why the XBOX wasn't that much of an improvement over the PS2 because of the media disk. This would be the only time where I would say more power did nothing, because being on the same media disk only limited the game to the same space. It's like saying you have more people in your classroom than mine. As appose to the PS3 to the XBOX 360, the PS3 is on Blu-ray allowing more space and more possibilities. This is like saying my degree gives me more opportunities than your GED.

I would say more power in tandem with the right hardware is where new possibilities are created.

MasterCornholio2088d ago

I completely agree. If people were ludites and rejected technological advancement in consoles we would be stuck playing crappy 16bit side scrollers for the rest of our lives. Instead people embraced advancement in technology and if it wasnt for this we wouldnt be able to play games like GTAV, Dishonored, The Witcher 2 etc.

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Godmars2902088d ago

The PS3 was innovative in that it used Blu-ray and the Cell. Ignoring the misstep of programming architecture, look where that got them.

JetP06192088d ago

they've made a lot of mistakes, especially with the cell as that seemed to be the core of the problem for developers thats for sure. But theyre back on the top right now are they not? For a console that launched with a ridiculous price and not enough games, they still Delivered that's a fact. Sony will pretty much deliver again with the Ps4 especially after learning from all the past mistakes.

Gaming_Guru2088d ago

The PS3 was only a hundred more dollars than the XBOX 360, it baffles my mind that people think $499.99 is so different than $599.99 but will buy phones in the $999.99 range. On top of that XBOX Live $59.99 and rechargeable batteries unless you wanted to pay for standard ones all the time it would even out.

Anyone in IT would see the value in the PS3 for a hundred dollar difference.

Godmars2902088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Yeah, still baffles me that most of the gaming media/community saw the Xbox when it had a noisy yet standard DVD drive, an overpriced/smaller HDD if you bought it separately as the better deal versus the PS3 which not only played RD upscaled regular DVDs. And then could take most off the shelf HDDs if you didn't want to use the one it came with, the smaller of which was still offered more memory than what MS was pushing.

Besides the introduction and alteration of PSN+ from a discount to a leasing game service, eat humble pie and shift away from single player titles, Sony really hasn't done anything different than when they started this gen.

juandren2088d ago

Technology leads to innovation. You wouldn't see Move or Kinect get done on PS2 hardware, that's for sure. It's like saying a women needs a man, but a man doesn't need a woman. We need each other to survive. The author is contradicting himself. Just looking at the number of patents Sony files yearly will tell you how set they are to innovate next-gen

jivah2087d ago

Does the eyetoy escape ya mind? It did many concepts of the move on ps2 as well as the kid friendly kinect bs that took place.. granted it was hindered by the tech available but it was still done.

juandren2087d ago

Lol I know it was done. I enjoyed it a lot. But if you held a white piece of paper in front of the camera you were able to get a high score in most of the games (I exploited this hack A LOT). Technology has evolved and thus the PlayStation Eye (and subsequently the moved) and the Kinect innovations evolved thanks to better technology. I agree with the just of your point, though.