Ditch Madden, Seek Backbreaker

It is true that Madden is the only game out there (besides Blitz:the League) that comes to mind when the words "football video game" are uttered. NaturalMotion is trying its luck into wrestling the title away from Madden with a different breed of football all together.

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Genki3945d ago

and I personally think 90% of all games could benefit from it, but I do have concerns with this game.

If the gameplay mechanics themselves are broken, which in all honesty I expect them to be for their first shot, then no kind of fancy tech will save it.

This should be a redeeming quality though, and I'll check it out just to see what results.

CaliGamer3945d ago

I really don't know if they can overcome all the die hard Madden fans who can't seem to get enough of it.

IMO the controls are going to be the hardest sell because people who play sports games are very competitive, learning a new control scheme will make the game frustrating for those people.

The thing Back Breaker has going for it is the fact that it's something new, Madden for all intents and purposes is the same game we played back in the PS2 days with slight improvements and additions. If they can make a game that is intuitive and different with a good set of options I think they could give Madden a run for their money. This will be interesting.

Forbidden_Darkness3945d ago

the game cant be any worse than madden atleast...


The NFL stop giving NFL exclusive...I want NFL gameday...Look at what sony has accomplish in there games so far...Look at mlb the show 08 how better it is than 2k...we can all benefit from this

CaliGamer3945d ago

So this game won't even have NFL Teams? If so, how do they expect to compete at all??

RJ20003945d ago

By creatinga PLAYABLE game for the PS3 will be one way as well as for the 360. At this point I am willing to buy any other football game besides Madden. F' EA. Honestly who sells a game taht you can play 3 seasons on and than the game is DONE... dont sell sh*t that dont work.

Mighty Boom3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

game is going to be 12mb or so. It will be no comp for Madden. The new tech is cool though. They should licence the engine to EA.

@5.1 size has everything to do with it because it being compared to Madden. A game that I sure is exponentially bigger than 12mb.

CaliGamer3945d ago

12mb? what does that refer to, the size of the game? And what would the size have to do with how good the game is compared to Madden?
I just don't know what you are referring to in your post.

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The story is too old to be commented.