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New ‘Dark Souls 2’ multiplayer, story, tutorial and world details revealed

A few new multiplayer, story, tutorial and world details have been revealed in regards to the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Dark Souls 2.”

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Community1814d ago
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Blacktric1814d ago

"The game directors want the story of “Dark Souls 2,” which takes place in a “large cove near the ocean,” to be clearer but they still would like to avoid using cut scenes to tell it. Players can also have a direct effect on the plot by choosing whether or not to kill non-playable characters. In terms of multiplayer, the sequel will feature the same sever-based online as “Demon’s Souls.” Finally, a full-fledged tutorial that explains the game’s unique mechanics may also be included."

This is literally everything that's listed. And yes, every single "new" detail are things we knew since EDGE reveal.

PockyKing1814d ago

That's Examiner for you.

Giru0171814d ago

Damn, wish I had read your comment before giving them a hit for this joke of a "news" article. :(

guitarded771814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

But then you would have missed out on all the awesome pop-up ads.

DragonKnight1814d ago

I don't recall the Edge article mentioning that the game took place in a cove near the ocean.

Blacktric1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

True. But they said they wanted the game's main theme to have a strong connection with ocean. And the rest were already mentioned in the EDGE article including the server based multiplayer.

ThanatosDMC1814d ago

Hmmm... AVG is blocking the site for spam and malware pop ups. Wtf? Is this the wrong link or just's website?


Thanks for posting the four sentences they posted.

guitarded771814d ago

It's the website. Pop-up crazy, and advert after every two image scrolls.

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nix1814d ago

i haven't even finished the first one. stuck with boss on the tower...

yeahokchief1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

first take out the archers.

if you have someone with you, wait for him to turn his attention to them before running in and getting a few swipes at his legs and running out.

if you are alone then you will have to learn his attacks by running around him in a wide arc to learn when you have opportunities to get in and get a few swipes in at his legs.

after you hit his legs enough, he will fall over at which point you should run to his head and get as many hits as you can because it will deal extra damage to him.

fantastic boss fight. so looking forward to dark souls 2.

bluetoto1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Another method is to take out the archers and fall down on him using R1/RB, over and over. Simply fall on him and sprint towards the other tower until he comes your way.

Dodge him and run back to the other tower, climb to the top and rinse and repeat. Even a the lowest SL can defeat him this way without ever taking damage, just depends on your timing.

Word of caution, if you take to long to fall on him he will jump up there after you!

just dawned on me, you could be talking about the twin gargoyles fight instead of the taurus demon, in which another tactic is needed.

Lifebanisher1814d ago

I want a bar in this game where other people can connect to hang out trade items and have pvp competitions laying your soul signs and waiting for your friends to find it is just annoying I'm not asking for the feature to be removed just want something extra other than that feature.