BioWare founders: 'We're not done yet' - Joystiq's interview

Joystiq had the chance to sit with BioWare founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuck for a quick catch-up on recent events. The two men were overjoyed to talk about Mass Effect's success and critical reception, as well as the uplifting effect the EA buyout has had on the company.

The impression the two give are of guys who have just been given a chance at the brass ring. Their comments, intimating that BioWare itself is now a micro-publisher, praising their new co-worker's common sense, hint at a new era of opportunity for the company. You can get a better sense of Ray and Greg's cheery outlook, see them again discuss the reason Mass Effect on the 360 had the UI it did, and watch them stonewall on a question about their in-development MMO title.

The bottom line, unsaid in the interview itself, is a clear message: "Fans shouldn't worry. We're not, and neither should you."

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pwnmaster30003947d ago

hope mass effect 2 comes fast because part 1 was hella ko. i choosed the soldier and in the middle of the game i regret it because i cant open the crates it sucked, but to bad i rented or i will be playing it still. that was the funniest game i played on the 360

permutated3947d ago

N4G is funny, in that articles of speculation and flame bait will get more stupid comments than articles like this, where the developers actually speak the truth against all the vicious rumors.

Farsendor13946d ago

bioware is awesome im happy they said something heres to kotor3!

pshizle3946d ago

its one of my favorite games of all time and it has the best story i have every played in a game

i hope they dont rush mass effect2

Bioware FTW

ChrisGTR13946d ago

well its being published by EA now.. so expect this game to turn into a series. mass effect 2008 is coming up this year, followed by mass effect 2009 and countless others.

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The story is too old to be commented.