XboxOnly: New Trailer for The Bourne Conspiracy

XBOX ONLY has a great trailer for the upcoming The Bourne Conspiracy game! It's looking good; here's hoping it is a fantasic game despite being based on a movie/book licence! You never know!

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ikiru33853575d ago

this game looks HOT! on my list of must-haves this year

Ahhhh3575d ago

It sure does look good.. It reminds me of Splinter Cell.

Myth0093575d ago

This game is looking nice but with MGS4 to buy and Haze and GTA4,i wont be getting this game between than.ill get it when i beat all the other games on my PS3 list.But man the melee system is a lot like Drake,even though born is a trained fighter and Nathan drake isnt it was that thing. I cant really explain it.

gaminoz3575d ago

Yeah this could be so good, but video and screeshots don't a game make. Let's hope they really put some effort into it.

Still, great trailer.

PimpHandHappy3575d ago

because we all know how they chew up games for achievments


Hey look i got the *Killed with Pencil achievment


I like these movies even thou they are junk. If i see that dude walking a street again it will be 2 soon....Half the movie is Borne on the run but really its a walk with him looking around