TGC Review: Jetpack Joyride

"We here at The Games Cabin pride ourselves on being among the first when it comes to reviews, as well as being fashionably late with others.

Our Jetpack Joyride review falls under the latter category, but better late than never eh?" - TGC

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punkandlizard1931d ago

great opening line for a review!

G20WLY1931d ago

Why can nobody tag N4G articles correctly these days? This is on PS3 as well and it's frickin' FREE, so should certainly be tagged for readers of that section!

chrish19901929d ago

To be fair, this was being reviewed for the Playstation Vita, based on the unique ways you can play with the PS Vita. Though, you probably do have a point, I'll bear it in mind next time, thanks!

G20WLY1929d ago

Fair enough, don't mind my rant ;)