Always Online: A Dark Future For Single Player

The Paranoid Gamer writes: "Players may notice that games these days invariably seem to come with some form of DRM (Digital Rights Management). The most common of which we see in this day and age is a form of DRM which requires a player to be always online. Always online is used even in single player games, often causing issues such as latency problems or even outright preventing you from playing should you not be able to connect to the servers."

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KrisButtar1993d ago

It's funny, I bought diablo 3 and still have not been able to play it due to the DRM as I don't even have Internet offered in my area.

For anyone wondering I'm on a cell in a coffee shop

miyamoto1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

the article is paranoia
majority of all single player games will have no DRM

Hicken1992d ago

If it makes its way to consoles, you can consider me a classics gamer from that point on.

urwifeminder1992d ago

Singleplayer is so 2001 anyway move on.

delboy1992d ago

DRM and cloud gamig is the future, (expect for Nintendo) why did Sony bought Gaikai?

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