DmC Glitches: Dante Flying, Infinite Style and More

GR - "From spinning enemies to Dante flying across maps, this glitches guide has you covered."

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parkerpeters2112d ago

Infinite style isn't a glitch. It is the new difficulty setting to appeal to the mainstream.

pandehz2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Ah its one of those articles where you have to click through a million times.


TheGOODKyle2112d ago

I don't even know what kind of glitch this is

A prerequisite to that flying glitch?

Lone_Man2111d ago

one of the glitch that i came across with was when vergil health was near 0%(have to devil trigger to kill). i was unaware of killing him can only be done by devil trigger attack when he was on his knees a virgil pimp help the orginal one to recover health if you do not activate devil trigger... once he recovered his health i tried AGAIN to kill him and in the last moment of his life his health bar go full and your (dante)attacks dont reduce his Voila Virgil secret to immortality..(i mean a glitch)