PlayStation Home is Incredible, and Sony Sucks at Advertising It

"PlayStation Home, some have heard about it but have never really heard much about it, right? What If I were to say that Home is without a doubt the best avatar service out of any console, yes, better than Nintendo’s and Microsoft’s avatar services by a massive leap. Did you know you could watch full-length movies or listen to music with a bunch of friends? Or build huge cities? If you think I’m crazy by saying that, if you think that all you do in Home is bowl and play pool, then you really need to read this article, and you are also a good example of why Sony sucks at advertising Home."

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GribbleGrunger2137d ago

I'm not going to read the article. The headline says it all for me. Home isn't for everyone but it caters to the demographic it aims at brilliantly.

Myst2137d ago

It could have been something really amazing to be honest. Just that it's eh, one of those things you try out once or twice then stopped. I still log in every now and again though to see what it's like. I will say a lot has improved and some new additions are interesting.

GribbleGrunger2137d ago

Same here, but I recognise that it's for a different demographic. When I stand back from my own views on HOME, I can see how great it is. That sounds like a contradiction in terms but it's just straight forward objectivity. For example, I hate FPS but I can still appreciate why some are better than others. The only thing Sony have done wrong with HOME is not advertise it.

Dee_912136d ago

I dont think the people in home right now wants Sony to advertise it to be honest.Because although it may bring more people it will bring more trolls.Last time I went in home about a month ago it was great.Alot of people on mics and not much trolling at all.However its not for me as I prefer to meet new people in person,so I agree with gribble.Some people dont understand that Home isnt a game its a social pub.So if you want to blow stuff up and fight people etc, its not for you.I think a girl on youtube married a guy she met on there... she was pretty hot too xD

TheUndertaker852136d ago

@Dmarc: That's the problem though. If you go into Home there ARE games in Home like Bootleggers(a FPS(Is it first or third? Only tried it out once or twice.)plus other types of games coming into Home or already there.

That's the only thing being done wrong in my opinion. Progression of Home goes majorly social then majorly gaming then majorly social again. The demographic for Home exists in the first place simply because of the split message Home is sending. Is it for social users or gamers? Even the Home team doesn't seem to know.

My only question is this: Why does there have to be a demographic for Home? If the Home team could find a way to balance the content going into Home, IE get both social and gaming content rather than one or the other, Home COULD be a great place for both crowds, skewing that demographic by far.

Myst2137d ago

That seems to be a lot of Sony's fault this generation and well a bit of the last as well. A lot of great games were not advertised or mentioned at all. A lot of things were done in the 'shadows' or so.

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Pushagree2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

I've tried to get back into home to past few days, but I think Home's biggest flaw is that it is filled with gamers. Much like FPS voice chats, people just go on home to troll, which makes it hard to have conversations with people because they all have their guard up. Even general greetings are met with a distant hostility until you have proven that you are genuine.

Not to mention, communication in general is painfully slow because most people don't have keyboards. Costumes have also gotten to the point of being so absurdly flagrant that every person looks like they are going to an anime convention. Home just doesn't feel real because of that and it's hard to actually connect to people due to the fact that no one is really themself on home. Guys pump their avatars full of steroids and girls morph their bodies and wear stripper outfits. As a social network, home fails to be social.

trenso12136d ago

yea thats why i dont go on anymore it certainly wasnt like that when it was first released in the early beta was a lot more simpler

Tetsujin2136d ago


I agree 100% with what your saying; and I also want to add I can't stand the people who live on Home more than actually playing games. I remember meeting a few people from Home and they either troll, use people for PSN cards for digital merchandise, or use it as an alternative for yahoo/msn chat.

My problem with Home is the people, not the service. Up until 2011 I went on Home to help take a break from gaming to chat with some friends; now I hate the idea to even log on it unless we go to a personal space because of the morons who live on it. If I had an option to block anyone with a level 1 with 0 trophy count, or people who doesn't have a certain number of games they played if they have a 0 trophy count.

Eyeco2136d ago

When I first saw home 5 years ago I got exited , on paper I thought of something like sims online, like a virtual open world social network, but I was kinda disappointed, there's really not much to do in terms of socialising , and I agree with Pushagree, communicating is painfully slow, that and for some reason avatars take forever to appear,

I also didn't really like the idea of paying for clothes, if the currency was linked to your trophies that would have been awesome and it would have given trophy whores a legit excuse, or if virtual currency was earned in group social activities that to would have been a good idea, it's been 4-5 years since I've been on it, can someone please tell me or pm me on how much has changed ?

Tetsujin2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )


I know off the dome White Knight Chronicles has parts for your avatar for each gold trophy you get, and the plat gets you the helmet (from what I was told). A lot of mini games also pass out certain clothes that you can't buy from the store; and I know having Namco Museum grants you an arcade machine per game for getting certain stamps in each game. Having Batman Arkham Asylum gets you the Batcave as a personal space; there's tons other things but I haven't been on much either lately, those are the ones I remember from a long time ago. I've spent maybe a grand total of $10 or less on Home because I don't like the idea of spending real $ to "look" good when I can win items or play games to get items others don't have.

One thing I'd suggest is finding someone on your friends list who spends a lot of time on Home to get maybe a full list of what you can win from various games you own.

Edit: I know RE5 also has some sort of statue thing if you play it regularly.

nukeitall2136d ago

This my friends is called community building. How do you build a community that is friendly and pleasant?

It's nigh impossible!

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miyamoto2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Why didn't Sony made it as an integrated portal or search of some sorts for PS Store, PS+, Movies, Crackle, Netflix, YouTube, and all the PSN services?

That could have made use of Home much better.

Imagine your avatar going to all sorts of these services & places could have been a fun experience even if it may be an optional thing to do at Home.

But come to think of it some people want straight forward transactions with less time to click.

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Nawert2137d ago

They need to make it the main menu for PS4. Either that or press a Home button on controller to go right to it at all times.

smashcrashbash2136d ago

Millions of people use it.It has people in it every day.Whenever a new event happens it is crowded with users and is never completely empty. Obviously they are doing something right. And before we go on the usual idiotic rant about how Sony never advertises anything I could go and get the list of games that Nintendo and Microsoft left out to dry and barely made a big deal of them. Sony like everyone else can't make a big fuss about EVERY single game. So can we stop the pretense that the other companies don't lapse on advertising their lesser games. That old song is getting tiresome to listen to.

SmokingMonkey2136d ago

How ironic, that this was Phil Harrisons' baby.

Home could be the future of gaming...

..imagine GTA and Home... could be playing football at the stadium while some a*s comes by in a jet and bombs the whole stadium...

Bowzabub2136d ago

Just like anything, it is what you make of it. It can be a great social app if used correctly. Game launching is grossly underused too.

SonyStyled2136d ago

i gamelaunched once from home for R2 when the Resistance Station first hit home

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