Ubisoft Massive's Artist Experiments With CryEngine 3 And Creates A Gorgeous Open-World Environment

DSOGaming writes: "To be honest, it does not surprise us to see artists from various studios experimenting with different game engines. Truth be told, they are dedicated to their teams but what happens when – and if – they get fired and are not accustomed to other engines? That’s right, it will be really hard to get a new work on another studio. So, today we bring you three screenshots (first three images) from Ubisoft Massive’s environmental artist, Cristoffer Radsby, who is currently creating an amazing open-world level in CryEngine 3."

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claud32112d ago

down right awesome... Ubisoft are so skilled

StraightPath2112d ago

That looks amazing assasins creed 3 had gorgeous visuals and landscapes.

claud32112d ago

we all have the seem feeling, is this an actually game

and the outcome is no, it is just a what will next gen look like

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Skate-AK2112d ago

Wow those are awesome. Some of them look real. The one with the lightning is cool. Havnt seen it in a game like that before.

Riderz13372112d ago

Open-World games are going to be amazing next gen (graphically).

profgerbik2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

They already are that amazing on PC but sure they will no doubt be just as amazing on Next Gen system that are capable of housing more computing power.

I mean no doubt that was all done on a PC anyway. To me I don't necessarily consider that "Next Gen" but my definition of next generation seems to be bit different than others.

I have seen this type of realism on PC's for maybe two years now so I can't define that as a step ahead into a new generation of gaming if you get my point, I define generations by completely new technology implemented into video games.

Example, like the first time we ever saw real physics used in games to me that defined a new generation of gaming ahead.

BattleAxe2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Looks like the artist was influenced by the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia. I wish someone would come out with a game in this environment excluding RPGs like Skyrim.

stone_cold2112d ago

is that means Crysis 3 is an open world game?

tachy0n2112d ago

no, it just shows what the cryengine is capable of.

more games should use this engine :)

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