This is what a next-generation Mass Effect game could look like – Final Part

DSOGaming writes: "Talented 3D artist “Baolong” has finally finished his next-generation 3D character that is based on BioWare’s RPG series, Mass Effect. We’ve covered Baolong’s in the past and we strongly think that he deserves the spotlight. It would be cool to also see this character in motion, but that won’t happen anytime soon."

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Walker1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Not impressive face modeling and environment as a next-gen game !IMO
This is in-game modeling of Joel, the main character in The Last of Us . it looks more impressive to me and run on current gen hardware .

Pandamobile1604d ago

Just because you like the design of the character more, doesn't mean it looks more impressive. The one in the video much higher quality.

NewMonday1604d ago

the ME model is a very cool design, want him to be the default main character model or at least one of the presets.

and about preset character models, why do they always look generic and ugly? why cant they put just a little effort and make them like this one or some of the great models in Skyrim mods?

d3nworth11604d ago

The one in the video definitely has more polygons but its not much of a step up over the last of us. This just shows that we're beginning to reach the pinnacle of graphics. Where games just can't look anymore realistic.

Pandamobile1604d ago

It's true that we're approaching the plateau of computer graphics quality, the Last of Us is still pretty far from being the pinnacle.

LocutusEstBorg1603d ago

It'll look like shit when it's running on the console, like every other console game does. It'll be low poly, jagged and blurry.

solid_warlord1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

We'll reach the pinnacle of graphics when we reach Avatar quality in "Real Time" but that prob wont happen until 20 years time

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I_am_Batman1604d ago

I have to disagree. Though Last of Us looks really impressive it's not on the same level as the character in this video. If you look at best face model this gen I would say Beyond is even more realistic than Last of Us.

ratcop221604d ago

Ok. Beyond looks way better than this. And HONESTLY, the last of us is pretty much on the smae level as this.

Conzul1604d ago

The TLoU screenie exceeds in detail but lacks in lighting, compared to the nextgen demo.

landog1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )


cool bullshot, we all know the real in game character models will be similar to this;

still impressive for 8 year old hardware, but nothing like all the fake screens naughty dog likes to post from the pc dev build

WeskerChildReborned1604d ago

Looks impressive to me compared to current gen consoles, sh*t dat lighting and the face detail.

meetajhu1604d ago Show
Gregard1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Keep in mind that all cutscenes in Last of Us are probably done in the same way as in the uncharted games. All cutscenes are pre-rendered (not really real time), and they use different models with higher detail, and the whole thing is in higher resolution as well. Its pretty obvious too :/

If the above video is indeed in real time, and with UE3, then it is kind of impressive imo

Norrison1604d ago

Joel looks low res when compared to this model. Sure, the model may be better but the textures look like shit when compared with the ones used in the video.

kevnb1604d ago

naughty dog have some great artists that make up for the outdated hardware.

1604d ago
weap0nx1604d ago

I agree everything I just saw is things that can be done on PC right now.

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DeadSpaced1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I'd love to see this character model in action. It's not near as beautiful if it doesn't run right.

LackTrue4K1604d ago

"Unreal engine? bet that thing took 18 minutes to load up!!!"
lol....i joke, i love games that use it.

chukamachine1604d ago

Yeah the face loads in as your talking. Just a blob at first.

BuffMordecai1604d ago

I think I'm done with ass effect.

DeadSpaced1604d ago

Your comment says "hate", but Mordecai's attitude and newly found muscles say "appreciate".

tubers1604d ago

If only he moved.. I would have liked that :D

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