Unboxing Dead Space 3 Limited Edition [PS3]

Unboxing the limited edition of Dead Space 3 for the PS3 and
Showing what it includes.

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Sandmano1992d ago

The demo was fun but ill be sticking to Aliens colonial marines, tried the MP at an expo was great fun.

Hellsvacancy1992d ago

I should of just opened one of my own game boxes, thats a real lame "special edition"

I doubt he paid for it

sobekflakmonkey1992d ago

It's not really a chainsaw :s I wonder if he knows what an actual chainsaw is and does...

Grap1992d ago

he is obviously joking.

Sandmano1992d ago

Way to take the joke too seriously, GOOD JOB!! ;D

sobekflakmonkey1992d ago

He didn't say it in a joking tone i unno..

dazzrazz1992d ago

This is fucking news ? Unboxing ? .... wow just wow :<

Oh_Yeah1992d ago

From a fan of the 1st 2 I was skeptical, but just letting you all know, don't be. Dead space 3 kicks ass... even though they changed a little from the original formula. I'm a few hours in and it's intense, it has plenty of jump factor, and it's action packed. I'm not disappointed and I'm sure most fans won't be either. It's still got its horror.