PlayStation 4 Wish List: The Console

VGS: 'February 1st – the gaming scene was turned upside down by a small teaser Sony released.

It is widely assumed, that in less than three weeks, on February 20th, Sony will share the first details of their next generation console, the PlayStation 4. Though most of the games will probably be saved for E3, the hype is very high. Here’s my wish list of what I’d like of the hardware for Sony’s next system.'

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theBAWSE2080d ago

Easy to program-check
cross game chat-check
releasing same as other consoles-check
redesigned controller-check
strong first party-check
lack of arrogance so far-check

Sony have calmed my fears atleast so far

Nyxus2080d ago

Yeah, I hope these things turn out to be true, and I also hope it will be backwards compatible with PS3 games.

theBAWSE2080d ago

Well those points have all been confirmed so far...apart from backwards compatibility ....lets hope Sony realise this is a feature if say most gamers would like

Arksine2080d ago

I hope it is too, but I wouldnt count on that happening. If the rumors about the CPU in the PS4 are true, the only way to get BC in the PS4 will be to include PS3 hardware.

Before Sony released the 1st PS3 Slim they polled potential customers about backward compatibility. The overwhelming majority responded that they would rather pay less for the console than have BC.

one2thr2080d ago

If the specs provided so far are true, then I see it to be no problem for the ps4 to have Backwards Compatibility. Seeing that it has a high powered and lower powered Gpu, a 8 coreCpu, and an unknown calculating unit...

The apparent gpu is better than the gpu (Gtx 560) inside of my PC that can play BF3 on high and even ULTRA settings(minus a few fps's).

Now this calc. unit, it may be this "Spurs Engine" (The existence of this processing unit, was provided by "Joeorc") which happen to be based off of the same architecture of the Cell that's found inside of the PS3! And what's interesting about this thoery is that Toshiba is the founder/creator of this Spurs Engine, and yet they sold their Cell manufacturing plant, to Sony a long while back.... Coincidence, yes?

Which brings me to the point of the ps4 having bc, but then again this is a crazy thoery of mine...

Dwalls11712080d ago

Dont waist money on cross game chat...its an overhyped useless feature in my opinion...
And please let it be under 500$ thats all dat matters to me

LackTrue4K2080d ago

i love the look of that concept, the black and blue reminds me sooooo much of my old ps2.

juandren2080d ago

Kaz Hirai is really changing Sony's game. I know Ken Kutaragi is the father of the PlayStation and I have the world of respect for him, but he crumbles under pressure and competition. Kaz is taking Sony in new directions.

One Sony = Sony #1

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Nyxus2080d ago

@ theBAWSE: Really? I thought all of these were just rumors. But I'm glad if they're official.

Capt-FuzzyPants2080d ago

Yeah I was going to say the same thing. All of those things he has checked off can't really be checked off. Because we don't officially know anything about the console.

StrongMan2080d ago

The PS4 will be awesome no matter what Sony does. I'm not worried in the least bit.

Nyxus2080d ago

I guess you're right. If it's anything like the PS3 has been this gen, I'm happy.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I would like for them to let us watch people play like onlive does. Of course you will be able to choose if you want to be watched.

Other than that whatever sony does will be awsome I am sure.

Tsar4ever012080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

This guy forgot to mention more "MEMORY" for stronger and sharper rez & more detailed graphics.

DigitalSmoke2080d ago

but...but. . . The new Xbox has flashes!!! shining on the WaLLZ!!!

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