Warhawk: Armored Personnel Carrier

Looks like a new vehicle for warhawk everyone!

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Maddens Raiders3556d ago

good job dude. Can't wait for 1.3 and the bio-field generator and field wrench.


sonarus3556d ago

i hope its faster than the tank

xplosneer3556d ago

It was said in an IGN interview it was slightly faster standard and when it's shield is on it's much faster.

PopEmUp3556d ago

Blow this motherfuka with my rocket launcher

sonarus3556d ago

nice. cnt wait. havnt really had time to mess around in the last aircraft carrier or whatever its called. But i have had some sweet kills. So satisfyingly exhilarating when you are standing man 1 man vs the aircraft and you can bring him down before he kills you.

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gamesblow3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

He needs to let me come over and calibrate his tv for him. Atleast crank that sharpness down a bit. Everyone thinks Sharpness helps and it doesn't. It just makes the pic look worse. Sharpness is good, in moderation. not too much of it, though.

Anyways, yeah... new vehicle is great and all, but I expect it to behave pretty much like a jeep. Well, aside from it's utility aspects, of course.

LinuxGuru3556d ago

I've read and heard that the recommended setting for your TV's sharpness is off or up to 10%.

Apparently, that produces the most natural image.

I have my HDTV's sharpness set to 10 out of 50, and eveything still looks crisp, and lines are still defined really well, without having that extra "ghost line" or "hard edge" that high sharpness gives you.

eagle213556d ago

What's next? I can't keep my breath.

fenderputty3556d ago

I've found out more interesting stuff in the week after then during the while show. lol

gambare3556d ago

it looks like sony was waiting for the other ones put their games on the table.

proArchy3556d ago

they definitely played it reeeal cool during GDC. I thought it was strange not having a keynote. I guess with blu-ray's recent successes, and how nice the year looks for PS3 already, they felt their products spoke for themselves. its nice how this news is just kinda appearing, without some giant hype machine press release attatched to it. keep it coming Sony!

ps3FTW3556d ago

I already knew this for a few days now.

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The story is too old to be commented.