Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Demo Speed Run "S" Rank Playthrough

We've seen lots of S rank video in youtube but how about a speed run playthrough with unique play style? Japanese youtuber Hikari has just uploaded a cool MGR speed run video. Check it out!

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wishingW3L1185d ago

and here I was thinking that DmC's combat was broken. XD

shadowraiden1184d ago

you cant really go by speedruns the main aim is to look for ways to make stuff broken so they can shorten there time.

Irishguy951184d ago

Nice glitch haha

In relation to the actual game

I want to see someone playing on hard mode, this game has the best combat system i've played in a good while so I hope the difficulty doesn't ruin it

LiquidSword931184d ago

DO NOT even mention that pos game in the same sentence as rising. Rising is made by platinum games, possibly the best hack n slash company this gen. Dmc is broken and hampered at every stage whereas this game is shaping up to be the best hack n slash since gow3. Shame on you.

j-blaze1185d ago

intense and brutal! man i'm gonna celebrate when i get this game! sorry but i had to xD

Knight_Crawler1184d ago

Am I the only one who is annoyed by Raiden a$$...Its always in the dam view.

Allsystemgamer1184d ago

Stop looking at it? It takes up like a 24th of the screen...

Indo1184d ago

The slicing is fun tho.

StrawberryDiesel4201184d ago

This games is gonna be so epic, Platinum Games deserve some respect for creating this awesome experience.