Xbox LIVE Is A Smoldering Pile Of Thievery

I think it's time that we all sat down and had a little talk about Xbox LIVE.

Until recently, I’d been an avid defender of Xbox LIVE, but the industry has changed so drastically within the last twelve months that I've been forced to admit that LIVE has become a smoldering rip-off.

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Snookies122143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Well, I would have been okay with them continuing to charge for Live Gold. Even after Plus came into being which had (in my opinion of course) so much more value than Gold did. It was when Microsoft jacked up the price 10 extra dollars that really got me. If anything they needed to lower it, yet they decided they were just going to charge more all of a sudden? That's a really lame move by them... (In my opinion once again.)

At least give everyone the ability to play online games without Gold now... C'mon, holding that feature hostage for money is just... Not cool... Sony manages to do this, and they're having financial issues. They could have stopped at any point and said, "we're going to charge for this now." Yet they didn't. Their conviction was held strong, and it really shows. To me as a customer, I'm happy to stick with them because they stuck it out and didn't gouge their consumers when it honestly (from a business stand-point) would have been good for them to do.

Snookies122143d ago

Disagrees please respond, I'd like to know why you disagree with me. Honestly, I just want to know, not calling you out for it or anything. :]

Septic2143d ago

Comparatively, as a service, I think Xbox Live is unmatched. Purely in terms of value for money however, I do agree that PSN outshines it, especially with how good some of Plus 'offerings are.

I really don't see how Microsoft will be able to justify the annual fee for Xbox Live next gen unless it drastically changes what it offers.

The thing is, for many of us, PSN is just a pain to use when gaming together with mates. Xbox Live is the sum of its parts; voice messages, cross game chat, the intuitiveness of the dashboard and features- going to PSN after using Xbox Live just seems so slow and cumbersome.

However, I expect Sony to get its act together when it comes to how PSN and XMB are designed from the ground up next gen. Couple that with Plus and Microsoft really are in the defensive when it comes to its online infrastructure.

Credt does go to MS though. They were the only ones that really pushed the online element of console gaming since the original Xbox whereas Sony were happy to just sit back and not really be proactive at all. PSN is strong now only because MS forced Sony's hand. Now its MS' turn but really, the service is still superior. Its just the value of its service that needs to be sorted out and that isn't a major thing to sort out.

LOGICWINS2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I agreed with u btw. Microsoft charges $60 for Live because people are willing to pay. No more no less. In their position, I'd do the same. If people want to give me money, I'd never deny them the opportunity :)

However, this paying to play online thing won't last. Its looking like the PS4 will be announced before the 720, so Sony will set the tone for the next generation. Microsofts gunna have a tough time justifying that yearly Live fee when consumers get wind that you can game online for free on the PS4.

"PSN is strong now only because MS forced Sony's hand."

Right. If it wasn't for XBL, Sony would have never taken the online space seriously. I hope Microsoft provides that same competition this generation.

MasterCornholio2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )


"when consumers get wind that you can game online for free on the PS4."

Consumers already know this with the PS3. But what will change is the fact that the PS4 will have much better social features than the PS3 which is the main advantage that the 360 has over its competitor. In the end when the PS4 offers all the same services for free as the 720 at the same or superior quality level how will 720 owners justify paying for online multiplayer, social features and cross game chat when the PS4 offers all that at no extra cost to the consumer?

If anyone is going to change their online policy its going to be Microsoft unless they know that future 720 owners are still willing to pay for free services.


"The features you pay for for gold is nothing short of robbery seeing how you can get a lot of the stuff free off your phone and PC."

Netlflix is one of the best examples of this. Seriously if its free on the PS3 why isnt it free on the 360?

Because the parasite said NO (Bioshock 2).

LOGICWINS2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

^^Ud be surprised. I had a college friend of mine who only gamed on the 360 and when I told him about PSN, he was confused. He had no idea that the PS3 had an online suite like XBL. He said that it probably sucks because he's never heard of it.

Theres a lot of misinformation out there. A lot of people, PS3 owners included, don't understand the value that services like PS Plus offer. Barely 10% of the people on my friendslist have are PS Plus members.

Intentions2143d ago

I didn't disagree, but just for the sake of explaining [my opinion].

For me, the reason why I prefer XBL to PSN, not saying that PSN is bad, it just my personal preferences. I have more friends/cousins on XBL compare to PSN, therefore XBL would be more fun for me.

The way to communicate is a lot better, seeing as it's cross game chat and I find that it is overall easier than PSN, in terms of messaging/voice/chat etc.

Also by the fact that I only pay $12 - $30 a year for XBL. It is really low for me, seeing I hardly/occasionally buy games, I usually borrow games off friends/cousins.

Of course it would be nice for XBL to be free [multiplayer], and just have a premium service for stuff like TV etc.

For me it's a high chance that MS would pay XBL free for next gen, seeing as MS is the only one that charges for online play.
If not, then there is nothing wrong for trying to make a profit. Every business is trying to make profits anyway, in some way/form.
If they don't then yeah, they will have a tough competition. No matter what, there will be people that would suppose any service, regardless of being free or a premium service.

Overall, both online services are awesome, it is just people's own preferences and opinions. Obviously every consumer wants everything for free but in the real world nothing is free, so we all have to live with it.

theBAWSE2143d ago

I honestly don't see how ms will be able to justify next gen charging to play online....Sony have already stated cross game chat like the vita and being more social is what they are pushing on ps4

the looming next gen is going to be fascinating to watch

antok342143d ago


Agree totally that many people are unaware of ps plus and then you witness their shock when they realise what a deal they can get. Sony need to find away to reach the masses about this great feature.

nukeitall2143d ago

What is amazing to me is everyone seems to talk about feature parity, but that alone is not the defining factor.

If it was, Linux would have been just as suitable for the general public as Windows is. Everything doable on Windows is doable in Linux!

My point here are two things:

a) software is not just about features, but ease of use is far more important. Make it easy to schedule and join a game with your friends for instance.

b) the community. Would you like to play with people that tend to care more about single player games? Friend lists with lots of friends that are inactive?

Bottom line, we will see what MS pulls out of their hat, but the same thing was said earlier in this generation. PSN is free, has been for some time now and feature wise they are relatively close. There is still a reason why people *still* choose to buy an Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Gold despite their being another option.

There is no question, a basic Xbox 360 + Gold cost as much as a PS3 to keep it in perspective.

It's not the hardware, it's not all the features, but it is the experience that consumers are buying.

All companies would do well to keep that in mind next generation! It's not about a particular area, because the console is now grown. They all have to keep it well rounded to succeed or else SteamBox will have a chance to succeed.

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brich2332142d ago

i hope u dont pay the full 60$ because there always online sales that range between 35 and 40$. check for all types of sales from various online retailers.

pixelsword2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

It's just the whole thing about Net Neturality:

I don't have a problem with the quality of XBL,

I have a problem with them charging for it.

The PSN isn't as polished as XBL,

but It doesn't matter because the price is right.

PS Plus doesn't do much to enhance the PSN experience,

But you get games, which is why I bought a console in the first place, not to talk to friends.

I'm not paying $60 for another phone, thank you.

nukeitall2142d ago


"But you get games, which is why I bought a console in the first place, not to talk to friends."

No, but some like to play socially and keep in touch with friends. Because you have a phone doesn't make it the ideal way to connect with multiple friends. In fact, I don't tend to give strangers that I just met online my phone number, but to each their own.

I guys on PS3, that is probably necessary. Heck, some of my friends use Skype with the PS3, because there is no party chat.

Redgehammer2142d ago

I love XBL. My family and I are family plan members (99$ for 4), and I am extremely stisfied , as is my family.

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vishant1012143d ago

I get the whole if we are gonna charge for online we will charge everyone for it so the online experience is not fragmented but MS seriously needs to add value to xbl i want features no ther platform offers for free with it. nothing matches xbl in terms of quality and ease of use but its not 60 bux worth of quality im ok with paying for xbl as long as it has as much value as it used to compared to the other online services.

Gamer19822142d ago

IF MS took away online play with gold and gave it free NOBODY would pay for GOLD. That's a fact. So MS will NOT remove it. The fact is this whole thing could come back to bite MS in the proverbial backside once new consoles are launched as Sony reps have confirmed next console is gonna have PS+ already. Why would anybody choose the new Xbox if MS say they are still gonna charge for live?

The 360 got in early and you made that investment and it was too late to change but this time its reset you get that chance..

HeroReborn2142d ago

I see yours and the writers POV. With the way the game market has shift, it's really hard for MS to justify the cost of live. Espically when about 75% of the perks of it as a gamer I don't even use. I think they are trying to compile us "being gamers" to much with the casual market.

Even if that were true its still not warrented to charge for access to stuff like Hulu+ Netflix and other online items we they are freely available on other platforms.

I love Xbox live I really do, playing with my friends hanging in the part chat shooting the shit is to me no different than hanging in the arcade, but MS needs to understand that more has to be done besides giving us 1-2% off of our purchases, and access to services most of us don't even want.

ZombieKiller2142d ago

Why the constant chats about how much Xbox Live Rips people off? Just don't buy it. My XBL just expired actually and guess what? I thought the same thing....and then did NOT renew. Especially because I have a PS3 and the PS+ which smokes XBL.

-Buy PS+ and stop complaining about XBL and the pricing. Honestly, if we got enough people to do this the price point would go away OR the value would increase when they started giving out free games.

DigitalRaptor2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

The constant chats happen and should continue to happen because not everyone is like you and has the strength to say no. You got out, but people just pay because they want to play with their friends.

There are millions and millions of people out there who don't realise XBL Gold for the rip-off it actually is, and will pay for what I already said. Eyes need to be opened, and by ignoring a relevant and important conversation piece, you're doing gamers and the industry itself no favours.

Bigpappy2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I agree with you "Zombiekiller", not because of the "PS+ which smokes XBL." comment, as that is subjective, and I have no idea why you have that stance. But everything else you said about going with the other service because you have that choice and it will force M$ to follow is spot make complete sense and can not be argued.

The thing though, is that before praising PS+ as the XBL killer, you would have to know why all these people are playing for Xbox live over PSN. You can not assume that be cause you prefer PSN, all XBLA users will have that same opinion. The only way for them to even consider PS+, is for them to experience it and come to that conclusion for themselves. That would mean that they would either have to be sick of paying $40-60 a year or just want to change from or add to 360 gaming selection.
In my case, I stop gaming on consoles after Turbo Grafix and came back when the Xbox was released. That experience has been so great that I have had no reason to move away from Xbox so far. 2 of my nephews who grew up with PS1 and had the 360 for a few years, have bought PS3 because of RRD and no longer use 360. But they also have no interest in paying for PS+ as they don't see how it would make their online experience any better. I and most of my friends on the other hand, have stayed with 360 because it is how he game. we just log on and play, no hassle. I love everything about the Xbox, from the controller to the support, XBL, the interface, Kinect, and the fact that M$ has the resources to keep pushing forward. I trust M$ to keep pushing and leading and keeping things interesting.

After all this chatter, M$ will charge next-gen, and will continue to grow. M$ will no doubt add features to XBL. They always do.

rainslacker2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )


XBL Gold and PS+ are services which charge for entirely different things. Comparing them is not neccesary because they are not meant to be competitors to each other.

PS+ is a value-added service which provides "free" games and good discounts on software, along with a few other perks worth having. PS+ didn't come around to compete with Gold, it came around to offer a subscription based revenue stream that MS was enjoying with Gold.

Gold is a service that is required to get the most out of the games you have already purchased, or required to get the most out of the hardware that you already paid for (ie streaming services).

A better comparison would be between Gold and the free regular out-of-the-box PSN, as it is PSN where most of the features exist that are comparable to Gold.

ZombieKiller2140d ago

I did not say the PSN smokes XBL, just the PS+ due to the free games. What sort of service is it that is better than PSN when you have to pay 2 fees? I already pay for internet, why pay M$ "just because"? XBL has a bit more stable of a connection....but honestly, thats only some games. Games that are PAID to be better on 360. People act like it's that much better of a connection or service but realisticlly, in the internet world you are supposed to pay to get rid of ads, M$ makes you pay the fee, then they advertise to you on the blade...on EVERY blade. HOW IS THAT BETTER THAN FREE GAMES? PS+ smokes XBL. I don't want to see Kanye West's stuck up face on my gaming console....but it's there....yet Sony gives us free gmes every Tuesday. They might not be the games of our choice, but the choice is there to pay the $ it not? Call me a fanboy, I don't care. Give me the dissagrees, PLEASE. Remove the bubbles, I don't care. I got my OPINION across and I'll "say" it proudly once more, PS+ SMOKES XBL

ZombieKiller2140d ago

and @ Digital Raptor......yeah because sitting here on n4g discussing it is SO important to Microsofts desicion making. I tell ya, you're really changing things now discussing this like you are. Keep buying into fake things like digital costumes for your avatar and let your money do the talking. I'm sure M$ will listen to your cries. Next XBL will be free...sure.
The generation is about to take another turn, I'm not sticking with the cheaper system per say, I'm going with the one that doesn't charge me for needless shit. Have fun with your digital Dragonfire, I'll go play some PS+ games.
XBL is sooo much better isn't it lol..../s

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dazzrazz2143d ago ShowReplies(4)
InMyOpinion2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I agree that online gaming should be free as it is on PSN.

I love how they constantly add great games to Xbox Live Arcade (one of the best things about Live) but they need to start offering free online play for silver members.

Wouldn't mind some kind of PS+ features for Gold subscribers either.

pompombrum2143d ago

Looking at what Microsoft charges for, I'm really starting to rethink whether or not I want to buy their next gen console. The features you pay for for gold is nothing short of robbery seeing how you can get a lot of the stuff free off your phone and PC.

With Halo taking a change in direction and Gears of War judgement pretty much giving Gears fans the middle finger, Microsoft better have more than a few tricks up it's sleeve if it wants me to buy their next gen console.

Gamer19822142d ago

XBL should give you 1st party exclusives like Halo armor and weapon skins or something. Ms could easily do this to sell it rather than online gaming. they don't have to give away games just DLC for there first party games and make it worth the price. I'm sure free Halo/forza etc.. DLC for the life of your subscription would sell XBL.

Obviously not everybody plays the exclusives and sticks to FIFA/Madden etc.. so they would have to make some 3rd party deals too.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I rather buy a next gen console and a game instead of paying $60 for multiplayer and $60 for a game. $120 extra day 1? no thanks.

AngelicIceDiamond2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Lol the internet hates XBL. I also bet the internet wants do something about it. But you can't its only getting popular. All the trolling and immaturity in the world won't stop the elevation of XBL lol.

Its the net you people can't do nothing about it NOTHING at all others will continue to enjoy it.

Yeah, this is the second piece in a row. Its f**kin old people.

BanBrother2143d ago

I think these articles are good. It can only help the cause in making XBL free, so you should be happy. I don't mind paying for a month here and there to play with friends, as no-one can honestly deny xbl does social better, but come next-gen, when Sony offers all of the 'features xbl does PLUS PS+, how can you justify paying for xbl?

I for one am cash-scrapped atm, with about $15k debt, so I can get but few games day 1. Why would I pay for live *next-gen* when Sony's service will be identical, with the addition of PS+ if I need it (who can say no to ps+)??

I am not going to argue why people pay for xbl *this gen*, as they can't simply abandon their friends and library of games, but next-gen it is a no-brainer for me. I will not be paying for Live next-gen, although I'm still interested in some of the exclusives they have now and then. MS need to adapt or perish. They need to take a look at what everyone else is offering, or else people will surely abandon them.

DigitalRaptor2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Holy crap dude, give up the defense. This is not and never has been about the service itself which is excellent. The internet doesn't hate XBL. This is not about the fanboys even though it gets brushed off as trolling or fanboyism. It's about the consumers, your rights and what a company is doing that should be illegal in my opinion. The internet hates that Microsoft forces its consumers to pay for basic P2P connectivity and features that are free elsewhere and should be industry wise (Netflix, Facebook etc.) I mean why don't Nintendo, Sony, Valve and any other company charge you for P2P connectivity? Why? Because it would be outrageous to even suggest it, yet Microsoft has been getting away with that for years.

It's important to acknowledge Microsoft's strategies which is to simply make as much money as they can at the detriment of the consumer. It's simply outrageous to force people to pay what is free elsewhere (and rightly so) - basic P2P and free services. It's nothing short of rip-off and only the most dedicated loyalists and the massively ignorant are defending that.

So I'll re-iterate again for those who only focus on a small part of the picture. The internet doesn't hate XBL, because XBL is an excellent service. The internet hates the fact that Microsoft are ripping its consumers off, and robbing them blind of real choice.

Yet, people don't really notice it because of the advanced features that Microsoft and its fans promote, as they mask the real truth behind what it is you're really paying for. There's just no defense for what they do, yet you see it from those who are too heavily invested both emotionally and financially to want to accept the truth.

@ optimus

There aren't 60 million XBL Gold subscribers dude.